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POV of Badrach

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Badrach's POV

I have been having mixed feelings about the new Midgard. The country of Vilnore is now a popular tourist town with a lot of night clubs and gambling spots. I go to these kind of places whenever I have the chance. However, Valkyrie is keeping an eye on me, so I wouldn't do anything that "broke the law". I really need to be careful now.

My landlord, Jackie, always nags me on how I should get a job and stick to it. Well, just to let you know, I had both jobs I liked and jobs that I thought sucked. Recently, I had a really bad job. One day, all the places that I wanted to work at were all taken. As I thought that no one was hiring, there was this TV and movie studio that was hiring crew members. So I put in an application, and before I knew it, some guy there asked if I wanted the job or not. So I said yes, of course, not knowing what I was really to do.

So the next day, I shaved my face, fixed up my hair and put on a professional outfit. When I got there, they told me what my job was. Knowing what it was, I might as well have stayed in my pajamas. I had to wear a fucking plush pink and orange dragon costume. I was going to be on a kid's show that most people dislike! The suit was hot, it was hard to see out of (the monitor is of no help), the mechanical parts kept making odd sounds and it smelled all sweaty inside it too. Oh, did I also mention that the kids on this show are little shits? Sure, they're well behaved when we're on the show, but when the cameras were not rolling, they were out of control and harassed me quite a bit. I have never taken so many cigar breaks in my life.

Of course, my boss was not too happy with me either. He says I should be more happy and active on the set. Please, in real life, dragons are ferocious creatures that would eat those fucking brats, not hugs them all the time and sing sappy songs that are too sickening sweet for anyone normal to handle. You have to be a toddler or brain dead to love this show. Hearing the same damn songs over and over again....I CAN'T STAND IT!

Weeks after, the air conditioners broke down at I was more hot than ever. I had to dance around in that stupid dragon costume all day long. All of the sudden, I started to smell my own sweat and started to feel disoriented. It only got worse from here. I was feeling so dry and then right there, I passed out while filming. The kids were not much help either, grabbing sticks and poking me with them.

As I started to wake up, I found myself in a hospital. One of the people I work with was there and said that I got heat stroke on the set. I never had to drink up so much water in my life. I asked her what ever happen to the other guy wearing that plush dragon costume. She told me that he accidentally got his costume wet and the mechanical gears and monitors inside the costume started to go out and electrocute him. Who knew that wearing a pink and orange costume would be so dangerous?

So after I got out of the hospital, my boss gave all of my pay at once. He did this, so I wouldn't end up killing him. I wonder how many people wanted to kill that dumb ass of a boss?

Well, at least I got a good amount of money and got to use some of it. Now, more jobs are hiring and I'll try to sign up for them. I hope I can work with guns and gun target areas. Hopefully then, Jackie wouldn't nag me so much. Finally, all the jobs I want are hiring and I put in some applications. Hopefully, I'll get something real neat and won't have to quit. How's that for you?
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