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POV of Grey

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Grey's POV

I was given a choice on where I wanted to go after Ragnarok has ended. I decided that Niflheim suited me the most. So Valkyrie sent me and Lorenta to Nifleheim to be reunited with our companions. I knew I wasn't the only one with loved ones down there.

I've witnessed many odd things in this world. I've seen the dark violet sky, the beach made entirely out of bones from mortal corpses and dark misty waters inhabited by sea serpents and the roots of the world tree.

Lorenta was lucky. She was immediately been reunited with her loved one. She offered me to stay with her. But I told her I would come back when I found the people I was looking for.

So far, I've wandered Niflheim for who knows how many years, still searching for those who are dear to me. I've searched many towns in this dead world and they all told me the same thing. They say that she shall wander the vast land, searching for her friends as well.

It felt like forever since I've seen her face. After all these years, I still remember what her voice sounds like. Why does Niflheim have to be such a vast, large world? However, I felt like I belonged here. I'm not worthy enough to be in the land of the gods.

Lemia, one day...we'll be together, together forever in this odd place. I just hope that we could forgive each other for all we done. That's all I want in my life, nothing more, nothing less.
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