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POV of Lucio/Lucian

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Lucio's POV

I found my comfort with Platina again. I just can't believe the fact that she is queen of the gods now. I'm more than happy to do anything for her. However, there were other things on my mind today.

I asked Valkyrie if I could go and see my birthplace once again. She didn't have a problem with it, so I came to Midgard once again.

A while back, the people of Vilnore were trying to resurrect the ghost town of Coriander, because the environment there was now suitable for living. And so it was rebuilt and it became a popular place to live for people who want to escape city life.

But 20 years ago, tragedy struck. The reactor near that town started to go in pieces, releasing fallout and toxic waste all over the area. I came down from Asgard in the form of a relief worker, trying to help others from preventing a meltdown. Many lives of the relief workers were sacrificed just to stop the meltdown from happening. A majority of the people were evacuated from their homes, leaving their belongings behind. They couldn't come back and had no choice but to live somewhere else.

I go back to the abandoned town once again. Since I died long ago, the toxic air did not affect me. Some animals adapted to this harsh environment, as well as huge nocturnal bird-like monsters that were seen by relief workers ever since the incident.

It just seemed so different. The village grew in size, but every building was empty and silent. The poisonous bell orchids started to spread over even further. Normal people and curious tourists have to wear a gas mask and bring a device with them to measure the toxicity in the air.

I went inside one building. It was once a home to a family of four. Everything was still in place. The television, the electronic devices, the refrigerator, the table and the cabinets. They were all there just how they left it. I look through the old photo albums. The people in Coriander did not look like they were suffering anymore, but looked a lot more happier. Just too bad this family can't come back to their home village anymore. I looked at some of the drawings the children made. It reminded me of old times with Claire and the children I hung out with. I hope their souls are finally at peace.

I continued to search around in the abandoned house. I found valuable jewelry in the parents' room. Since no one will come back for it or want to take it, I decided to take the jewelry box with me. In the children's rooms, I found some toys, dolls and teddy bears laying around, just as they left them 20 years ago. One of the dolls caught my eye. It was a doll of a girl made in Hai-Lan. It was a beautiful doll indeed and it looked well taken care of. Too bad these dolls remain there with no one to play with. I took the doll and left the building. It must have been hard for all those people just to leave their belongings behind.

I heard some people coming to explore the place. I disappeared from site and headed back to Asgard.

I showed Platina Valkyrie some of the things I found at the abandoned town. She said one day, she'll take a break and come with me to explore more of the place. I also told her the grave of her mortal body still stands alongside the graves of the relief workers.

One of these days, me and Valkyrie will travel to different places like we did long ago. But for now, we'll stand by each other's side in Valhalla.
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