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POV of Meltina/Mystina

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Meltina's POV

Over the past 300 years, I got to know more about the world tree and the many worlds it goes through. Valkyrie gave me the duties to travel between these worlds and take care of this tree.

The worlds have greatly changed, especially Midgard. Now a days, you have to look both ways before crossing the street, since there were cases of people being run over by trucks. There are also more lit up signs in a lot of cities. Well, at least Flenceburg looks a lot more lively now.

When I observed the students at various magic schools, I realized how lax the teachers have become. Not to mention that students are bringing more things with them to school. Why couldn't the head masters back then be so laid back like they are now? That would have been great.

But one thing for sure hasn't changed, and that thing is competing against Lezard in magical studies and knowledge. I'm trying to outclass him in every way I can. Since I learned many of the same techniques that he learned, I may one day be as powerful. Now how would he like that? Heh heh heh....

But out of all the worlds I travel to, I don't go to Niflheim that much. No, it's not because the world is dark and weird. It's because of Lorenta, that bitch of a headmistress is now the ruler of the place. Why do the other younger sorceresses I was with look up to her ? Well that's one thing I can thank Lezard for. I just can't stand how pushy and bitchy she can be.

I like what I'm doing now. Perhaps I may outclass Lezard one day, or hell, I could be as powerful as Lenneth herself. Those thoughts make me feel so good. I just can't wait on what's going to happen.
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