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POV of Lorenta

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Lorenta's POV

300 years ago, while we were all rebuilding the many worlds, I decided to take the job of being the guardian of Niflheim. I had offers about going into divine sleep and letting the other einherijar take over for me, but I didn't want to give up what I was doing. Besides, from what I heard of the students these days, I didn't want to go back. I swear, students are getting more and more rowdier and out of control with their magic abilities.

I'm glad that I took the place of Queen Hel in this strange world. I try to show more sympathy for the weak and be a fair judge of character. No, these souls don't have to sacrifice their abilities or parts of their body (like their voice, their hair, and so on) this time around. It kind of seems pointless to give up a part of yourself for a higher being.

I remember when I first came to Niflheim, I was re-united with my husband again. He decided to wait here for me instead of making an offer with the former queen. It was quite an emotional time for me. I cried tears of joy for us being reunited. I just can't leave him behind anymore.

Grey also decided to come with me. He says that he is not worthy of living in Asgard and that he needs to find people here. For many centuries, he wanders the land, searching for the ones he cares about. I wonder where he is right now though?

I'm glad I've made this choice. I'm with my husband for all eternity and I have control over Hel's servants. Niflheim does not seem to be as harsh as it used to be. But staying in one of the villages is a safer thing to do, because who knows of the wild beasts that lurk here.

If I chose to take a break from being a guardian, there would be nothing at all for me. I'd rather deal with various souls than deal with disobedient students. And it beats dealing with Lezard. His obsession with the lady Valkyrie has gone too far. Isn't there anything else on his mind?

I have no regrets with what I'm doing. I'll stick to this duty for who knows how long.
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