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POV of Aimee/Aelia

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Aimee's POV

I've decided not to go into divine sleep, because Valkyrie said someone should be the guardian of Alfhelm, the land of the light elf clan. So I decided to take that job myself.

So far I like it here. Even though elf technology is different from human technology, I can deal with it. Besides, when Valkyrie had me peek at Midgard, you have to be extremely careful these days. With airships in the sky and trucks on land, if you're not careful, you could be run over.

I'm so glad I became the guardian of this world and took Freija's place. It's so nice here, plus light elves are so well behaved and polite, unlike those boorish humans.

Light elves are not the only beings that decided to inhabit alfheim. There are people born with the dragon gems within them. They are of the dragon people race and are a bit taller than the elves. At first, they didn't get along, but when the dark elves tried to invade our land, we put our differences aside and fought together. Plus, I told the elves I was a dragon person.

While I was exploring alfheim, I met up with an elf girl named Aisha. I can just tell from looking at her that she is born with Celia's soul. I could see the look of loneliness in her eyes, like she wanted to have friends. I feel bad for dying on Celia like that and leaving her alone. I know my companions felt the same way I did. But too bad my friends couldn't come with me, this is something I had to do on my own. However, Valkyrie was right, I would meet a familiar presence there. Even since I took Freija's place as the guardian, Aisha was happy to see me and befriend me again.

I'm glad I took this job. Not only did it seem kind of empty without young Freija being there, but there was someone there who needed a friend. I'll make sure that Aisha will never be lonely again. I'm proud of this decision I made.
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