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POV of Yumeru/Yumei

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Yumeru's POV

Things have been different for me in this new life. Hardly anyone throws rocks at me, pick on me, call me names or threaten to eat my heart, so they could become immortal (or some shit like that). It's so much of an improvement on myself.

Seems like the humans and the merfolk have been getting along a bit better since the great war has ended sixty years ago. The merfolk and and humans ended up helping out each other in the end, since they were both victims of the crisis. However, elder merfolk don't like humans as much as the younger generation. Oh well, that's their problem that they still hold on to a silly tradition and refuse to change.

Ever since Valkyrie and Lorenta gave me the news that my mother and father were reincarnated and destined to meet up with each other again, I wanted to go into divine sleep. It was a lucky call, because mother and father wanted to be together again and have a kid. It was good I was reborn into another life.

This time around, my mother also has the powers to take on human form too. It seems to me that mother's mom was of the mermaid clan and fell in love with a human herself. The elders may not have approved of it, but who cares? If two people love each other, what difference does their race make?

My parents have decided to live near the ocean, since that's where me and my mother's second home is. Since now both me and my mother have mixed blood, we can become mermaids and explore the sea.

Things have changed on the ocean. Seems like boats go a lot more faster these days, so I have to be careful. I also need to be careful of the junk that people throw in the sea. Why do people do that? At least it's not a polluted as it was 30 years ago, before I was born into this life.

The thing I like to do is catch fish and other edible lower beings of the ocean. Me and my parents like doing that with me. As mermaids are the top of the food chain in the ocean, I decided to take advantage of it and catch some of these creatures. I do need to be careful of these fast motorized vehicles on the ocean. So far, I've caught various fish, crabs, octopus, squid, shellfish and shrimp. Seems like the ocean is quite full of life.

I also meet up with my fellow sorceresses and made some friends. Besides the other einherijar, it felt like I almost never had any friends (besides Fuyuki 300 years ago). Nanami is doing well with her family job and Suo and Shiho met up with each other and got married. I'm glad my former einherijar friends are doing well. I just wonder about how Jerado is doing. Too bad she lives so far away from me.

Thank you Valkyrie for giving me a second chance with my family. I also thank my fellow einherijar for sticking by my side and helping me make friends. I couldn't ask for anything better.
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