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Jake Linnas

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POV of Jake Linnas/Janus

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Jake Linnas' POV

Times have changed in Crell Monferaigne. The Linnas family tree has been mostly forgotten. Perhaps the historians thought it was a waste a time wanting to write on one of the family members running from his job and returning 10 years after the fact? Seems like I'm forgotten by many but the other new gods (fellow einherijar).

This time, in my new life. I've gave myself a make over. I've changed my style of clothing to keep up with the times. Besides, what men wear shirts with frills these days? I also got my hair slight cut, so it wouldn't get in my face. And like the others who went into divine sleep, my mortal name is different from my actual name.

My new job and hobby I do is hunt wild animals in the forests nearby. I make sure the animal goes down quick when I shoot it. Plus, this job also puts food on my table. The only part I don't like is the smell of the animal's guts and other body parts that give off a rancid stench. But I try to be a good hunter and use every single part from the animal I slay.

I decided not to work for the king in this life. It just gives me too many bad memories of the past. I don't want to run away like I did ages ago. That's why I decided to follow my parents' footsteps and become a hunter instead of working for the King.

However, I haven't forgotten about Miss Valkyrie's compassion and strong will. I go to the local church and pray to her on the holy days of the well. I thank her for letting me live another life again. It's just so different without Odin around and Valkyrie replace him. But for me, I think that's a good change.

Things feel very different for me. I put my shames behind and focus on what I can do best in life. That's all I can do for myself.
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