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POV of Jun

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Jun's POV

After restoring the city of Saitou to its normal state, I was put in to divine sleep for once. I'll try to make use of my life as a mortal.

Samurai warriors are a thing of the past. The military system is much different these days. You can use either guns or laser katana blades. However, you have to have military experience or weapon license to use them. So I decided to join the military not only for myself, but to support my family as well. A war has not happened here in over 60 years, but you never know what can come up. Besides, old habits die hard.

I also take care of my little sister Shigeyo, who happens to be autistic. She couldn't speak for a while, but despite her disability, she is quite good at drawing and painting pictures. She started doing artwork ever since she was a little girl. I wish I could have that kind of talent. But hey, what can you do about it?

Things were going to change for the better when me and my family took Shigeyo to the Shinto priest who heals people. The priest and his daughter (who I knew as a former einherijar) used their healing abilities on Shigeyo's voice box. Even though you can't completely heal a mental disability, I was still glad to hear my sister talk for the very first time.

This time, I'll try everything I could to keep in touch with my new sister. When I'm in the military, I write her letters and send things to her. And now since she can talk, I call her on the phone. Hopefully, she won't be too lonely. Only if the same was said for my old sister Ai.

Now I have a lot less to worry about these days. Despite the problems in the world, Midgard seems to be a better place. And I thank you Valkyrie for being such a great leader and letting me take a break from my divine duties. I'll stick to what I got for this life.
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