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POV of Nanami

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Nanami's POV

It's been a long time since I've been back to my homeland of Hai-Lan, and I must say, it has greatly changed from what it was in the past. Since a great war has ended 62 years ago, Hai-Lan no longer seems isolated. That's also due to the advent of computers, airships and improved mailing services. It's different seeing tourists from all over the world and regions coming and visiting this place

About the war that ended 62 years ago, I remember when me, Valkyrie and all the other new gods took in so many souls and talked many other people into helping Hai-Lan and the city of Saitou. The destruction was so great, that I couldn't believe that one man made weapon can destroy a whole city in seconds. I'm glad the war has ended and peace finally returning to Hai-Lan.

When 44 years have passed, Valkyrie said I should go back to sleep and be reborn as a human again. She says I've worked so hard on restoring the world and my divine body deserved to rest.

Now it is I who has the biological family and now I have a surrogate 15 year old sister named Satsuki. No one knows what has happened to her biological parents, but she is happy with me and looks up to me as she would any older sister. We also have a dog named Yulli, who is small and is a lot of the times with me. I'm glad I have such a wonderful family.

My father works as a "healing priest" and I help him out with his job, since Valkyrie let me keep my white magic skills. So far, me and my dad healed the blindness of a young woman (who I happened to know as one of my fellow einherijars) and we had a 19 year old autistic girl be able to speak. I'm glad Valkyrie let me keep some of my abilities. It feels good helping out people.

So thanks lady Valkyrie for letting me live a human life again. I'll make sure never to forget this life, ever.
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