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Bipolar Show Ever

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Sam was told the horrible news that his twin sister Lily has bipolar disorder and must deal with Derick's insults towards him and his sister.

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I don't own South Park but the South Park next generation kids belong to me and "All Characters and Events in this fanfic-even those based on real people are Entirely Fictional. by ric122 aka AgostoProductions...

Sam was getting dress he'd put on a brown jacket that hidden a purple t-shirt inside, black jeans, purple scarf and black sneakers. As he was walking down stairs to leave, he saw his mother sitting down on the table while she was crying. Sam slowly walked towards his mother and said what's wrong mommy as Sam said. As Wendy rubbing her eyes and wiping her tears off she said this, Sammy your twin sister Lily has Bipolar Disorder as she said while she was very upset. Sam gasped and said oh my, isn't like when aunt shelly was bipolar and beating up my dad when he was 8 years old? Wendy said no sweetie aunt shelly was always a raging bitch and she doesn't have bipolar disorder, she had p.m.s the kind that makes you a super bitch. Sam was confused and said what is bipolar disorder as he said.

Wendy said well bipolar disorder is like when you have good day your happy but when your having a bad day, you start having a mental breakdown and end up in a mental hosptial. Sam got his answer but he was scared when heard it and said this will Lily be ok? Wendy looked at her son and said this in a sad voice, well your sister is fine but she might not be the same after she comes back from the hosptial ok sweetie as she said. Ok mom as Sam said, while walking to levy's house he thought about what to do for her when she comes back from the hospital. When he stumbles upon Levy 's house, Sam rang the door bell and Levy opens the door and said hey Sam what's up as Levy said. Sam said hey Levy in a soft sad voice, Levy was confused and said what's wrong and Sam softly said I need to tell you something ok. Levy with a scared look on his face and quietly said alright. As they both walked to Levy's bedroom and closed the door, Sam was ready to Levy what's wrong. Ok now Sam tell me what's wrong, Levy demanded and Sam finally starting talking.

After explained to Levy about his sister's bipolar disorder and she'll have severed depression from time to time when she comes back from the hospital, Levy felt sad and gave Sam a hug. Levy told Sam this, look Sam I'm sorry this happen to your sister but look at the bright side now you finally know why she acted depressed and not herself lately.

Your right Levy but what if Derick finds out and tries to mentally torches my sister and beats her up. Don't worry Sam if Derick tries something with Lily, me and Kent will fuck him up and beat his ass. Sam was relieved with the fact that his friends will be their for him and his sister when times get tough. Sam remembers that in three months their fourteenth birthday is coming up and he hopes that she gets better by then. Six days later it's friday and Sam getting his book bag, he was planning to leave to visit his sister at hell's pass hospital until Derick Cartman got into his face and said this hey Sam I heard that your sister is crazy bitch and she's a super slut. Sam angrily told Derick to shut the fuck up and he's a fat piece of shit. Derick was furious and started to beat the fuck out of Sam.

The kids heard the commotion and started chanting fight fight fight. Derick took the fight outside and continue pounding Sam into a bloody pulp. Sam fought back and punch Derick in the face but Derick threw dirt in Sam's eyes and kicked him in the gut. Sam was hurting and coughing up blood but he pushed through and fought back. Sam muster all his strength and kicked Derick in the nuts so hard that Fat ass fell down and started to quivering in pain. Sam was tired and in pain but he got up and said those famous words that his mother said to Uncle Eric, "I'm Finished" and Sam went straight to hospital to visit his sister Lily.
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