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Birds of a Feather

by Quillian 2 reviews

An odd tale of friendship between a human and a Yeerk...

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DISCLAIMER: I don't own /Animorphs/. K.A. Applegate does, along with all the other books she's written or is currently writing.

NOTE: This is a story about a human-Controller and an overall "nice" Yeerk, who eventually form a unique and unusual friendship between alien species.

This story is dedicated to Anifan1, whose stories about peaceful Yeerks have been an inspiration for this.

/"Birds of a Feather,"/

By Quillian

My name is Charlie.

I can't tell you my full name. Well, I guess I could, but it really doesn't matter, so that's irrelevant.

I was a Controller during the Yeerk War, for nearly a year before it ended.

It started out when some customers of mine mentioned this club called The Sharing (I run a pet store). I was a twenty-three year old guy with nothing really better to do, so I decided to check it out.

I went in not suspecting a thing, and came out a few hours later with an alien parasitic slug wrapped around my brain, controlling my brain.

Was I panicking and such? Oh yes, I sure as heck was.

I repeated in my head for the umpteenth time as "I" exited the building.

the Yeerk yelled. After I quieted down for a moment, he said,

Here I let out a frustrated mental sigh.

And thus, I came to know Othnir 132.

Three days later, he returned to the Yeerk pool while I claimed to be a "voluntary" host. This meant I could relax in a separate room with other voluntary hosts as opposed to being locked up in a cage with the other involuntary hosts. Good thing they installed soundproof glass for that purpose.

Othnir was a scientist, so he spent some of his time fiddling with alien devices designed to do different things. I couldn't help but come to have a slight respect for him, for in several ways, he was similar to me. He was normally quiet, self-reserved, good-natured, intelligent and curious.

It turned out, quite like he said, that not all Yeerks were evil body snatchers. Only a small percent were that cruel (but since they were the ones who became Yeerk military officers called Vissers, Sub-Vissers, etc., it was wise not to mess with them); most Yeerks were nice or otherwise not cruel to their hosts (they didn't want to put up with all the resistance and screaming); a few Yeerks found the whole experience of controlling another creature to be sickening or awful, and were quite content to live in a Yeerk pool their entire lives, and only a handful were actually allergic to some species of potential hosts.

Then again, as Othnir pointed out to me, it would be just as stereotypical to say that all Andalites were arrogant fighters, all Hork-Bajir were stupid herbivores, all Taxxons were subservient cannibals, all humans were bizarre and violent, etc.

We did help, though, to make things easier for the so-called "Andalite bandits" who frequently made things difficult, causing VIsser Three (who eventually became Visser One) to make things escalate. Lax security, among other things, got blamed on other Yeerks, who later suffered through Kandrona starvation.

Strangely, even while things were heating up, Othnir and I managed to become "friends," in a sense. Being something of an intellectual like me, he enjoyed learning of things throughout Earth's culture and history. He particularly enjoyed science fiction (although, ironically enough, this whole experience didn't make it seem so much like fiction anymore).

Othnir declared one day as "we" put away my copy of the classic /Ender's Game/, by Orson Scott Card.

I replied with a chuckle.

After a moment of silence, Othnir spoke up again.

I was shocked. I was also touched.

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