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In Every Good Girl, There is a Bad Girl Dying to Get Undressed

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Pheobe and her bestfriends move to Chicago from Newfoundland to Jumpstart their career in the music industry. What Happens when Pete Wentz signs them to Decaydance, and Pheobe starts to have these ...

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Thanks for the reviews, I know my writing asn't been that great lately, and appreciate the people who stuck with it, sorry for being so slow on updating, i've been sick also school and all that jazz...I Swear, I'll try To Make it Up to ya!

"Shh," Jade said."don't wake her up."

Pheobe stirred on the couch.

"She's waking up," whispered Sarah.

Pheobe was fully awake now, but still had her eye's tightly shut, annoyed that her dream was disturbed by people gawking over her.

"She's gone back to sleep," said a male voice.

Pheobe's eye's shot open to see Tabby, Sarah, Jade, Joe, Andy, and Patrick in the living room surrounding her.

"Morning Sweetheart," Patrick said smiling.

"Morning?" Pheobe questioned.

"Yeah, it's monday morning," Tabby said."You fell asleep on the couch yesterday-."

Joe cut her off mid-sentence:

"And you were to cute to wake up, with your drool and all, you know. So we left you there and went out, after we all came back you were still there so we didn't bother you."

"Thanks," Pheobe said sitting up and felt her brain pound against her skull.

She got up and walked into the kitchen and started digging through the cupboarbs for Tylenol. After spending 15 minutes looking for them, she thought it was suffice to say that she wasn't going to find any, so she surrendered to the stairs and climbed them to her room.
Picking out a plain black t-shirt and torn blue jeans, grabbed a towel and walked into the divided bathroom. She set the water, undressed and climbed in, she let the hot water run down her slender figure. The pain in her head slowly fading. She beganm to wash herself and massaged the shampoo through her hair.
She turned off the water, got out and dried off. While getting dressed she realized that she had forgotten a bra, so she walked back into her room to only see Pete sitting on her bed waiting for her to come out.

"Pete!" she screamed and put the towel around her nude upper body as fast as possible.

"Pheobe, what are you doing!?" Pete asked startled by Pheobe's entrance.

"I was trying to get dressed!"

"I'm so sorry," Pete said.

Pheobe just stood there, watching Pete sit there and look at her half naked body.

"Well?" she asked.

"Well what?" Pete asked.

"Are you going to let me get dressed?"

"I'm not stopping you," Pete smirked and laid back on Pheobe's bed, arms behind his head.


"Okay, Okay i'm going," Pete said crawling off her bed and walking through the door.

Pheobe took off her towel, found a bra, and began to get dressed. When the room door opened again and Pete poked his head in and said:

"I forgot my cell."

Pheobe screamed and grabbed the towel again.

"Out," she yelled pointing at the door.


Pheobe walked down the stairs into the living room where Pete had joined the rest of the "Brady Bunch."

"So how are they, uh, I mean you?" Pete asked and laughed.

Pheobe grabbed a pillow from Tabby's hands and threw it at him.

"Eh," he yelled."Why?"

He held up the pillow.

Pheobe gave him an innocent look and said:

"You're lucky that's all you got."

Pete pouted and sank into the couch.

Joe laughed and asked:

"Okay, what happened?"

"To make a not so long story even shorter, Pete saw me naked," Pheobe explained.

"I'm not complaining," Pete said."I didn't hate it."

Everyone started laughing except for Pheobe.

"Next time Pete, when you want to come in. Ask for permission first," Pheobe said sternly.

"Sure thing sweetheart,"Pete said."But I might accidentlycough on cough purpose cough forget."


"What? I'll at least try," he said innocently.

Pheobe and Pete began to argue. Everyone sat there and wathed until, Andy grew tired of it and volunteered to go get some movies for a blockbuster night. Everyone agreed and Tabby went with him. Joe and Jade went to the store to get junk food and drinks. Sarah and Patrick went to Patrick's haouse to get his DVD Player. Leaving Pete and Pheobe to pop the popcorn.
Pheobe was sitting on the counter next to the microwave.

"Pheobbs where is your butter?" Pete called from the fridge.

"Behind the milk."

Pete walked over to the oven, butter in hand and put some in the pot, to melt for the popcorn.

"Where did you run off to yesterday?" Pheobe asked curiously.

Pete looked up at Pheobe and then the microwave beeped singling that the popcorn was done. Pete took it out ignoring heer question and avoiding eye contact with her, he poured the butter on the popcorn.
Pheobe and Pete walked into the living room to find Patrik hooking up the DVD Player, Tabby and Andy walking in through the door with the movies, and Joe and Jade making out on the sofa.

"They don't waste no time," Pheobe said and Jade flipped her off.

When Patrick finally accomplished is task in hooking up the DVD Player they all sat down.
Patrick and Sarah on the floor with the popcorn, Andy, Tabby, Jade and Joe on the sofa, and Pheobe and Pete were left with the Loveseat.
Pheobe sat down next to Pete and he put his arm around her shoulder.

"Might as well get comfy," he said and made Pheobe lean against him. Which Pheobe obeyed without objecting.

Pete whispered into Pheobe's ear:

"You know what happened earlier?"

Pheobe nodded.

"You know you liked it."

Pheobe looked at Pete Wide eyed, she couldn't believe what Pete was saying to her.

"Really?" she replied.

"Yeah, didn't you know that in every good girl, there is a bad girl dying to get undressed?"

"Whoever said that I was a good girl?" Pheobe grinned.

Pete smiled:

"Man, she's everything that I...."
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