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You've have never seen so many people in one place in your entire life. You have been on tour with the guys for three weeks now but each venue seems to be bigger then the last. Each day you watch the guys perform for crowds of people who live on their music, they sing along to each song as if they are chanting, it's madness, but it's also wonderful at the same time.
The only thing you hate about the tour is the travelling you are cooped up on the bus for hours at a time, it gets annoying sometimes as there is only so much you can do in a confined space.
The upside is you have met a whole heap of people on the tour from fans of MCR to members of bands you've never even heard of. You've even met a few famous people and Blink 182 were your most memorable because you were so nervous that you couldn't even talk.

You have just pulled up at the next venue and there are already other buses parking up too.
'Finally' you cry pushing open the door and jumping down the steps. 'Fresh air'
'We don't smell do we Zero?' Frankie says sniffing his arm pit
'Of course you do you haven't bathed in three days' you remind him.
'Well you're clean enough for all five of us' he states 'Mrs I have to shower twice a day.'
'I wish, I can only shower once a day if I'm lucky' you say.
'Reign get back in here' Bob calls from inside the bus
You obediently march back onto the bus followed by Frankie.
'Ok we going on in 30 minutes so we have to go set up and stuff, you can come or you can stay here.' Gerard informs you
'I'm going to stay and explore a little.' You reply
'Ok but don't go to far'
'Gerard I'm 23 years old' you remind him
'I know that, just be careful ok'
'I will be' you say kissing him before leaving.

Benji's p.o.v

'About time I thought we'd never make it here' Billy cries stepping off the bus.
'I know that feeling' I say stretching, I look at all the buses surrounding us, just then I spot a girl who looks exactly like Reign.
'Earth to Benji' Tony says waving his hands in front of me; he had rode down here with us.
'What?' I say snapping out of my daze and looking at him
'What are you staring at?' he asks looking past me
'Nothing I thought I saw someone I knew' I reply looking back at the bus but the girl was gone.
'Ok then someone's got cabin fever,' he teases patting my head
'Shut up man, lets go explore' I say grabbing Ca$hdogg and putting his leash on.

Normal p.o.v

You walk around for a while watching some of the bands perform and speaking to the ones you've met before.
You hear I'm Not Okay starting up, but you don't go to watch you've seen them perform before.
You walk around some more when your heart skips a beat, you duck behind a refreshment stand to catch your breath, you thought you just saw Benji with Ca$hdogg, you poke your head back around but he's gone. You laugh out loud to yourself, you checked the band list a hundred times and Good Charlotte weren't on it. You straighten your clothes and walk out from behind your hiding place, telling yourself to stop being paranoid

Kara's p.o.v

'Kara what are you doing?' Lisa demands. We were watching My Chemical Romance play when I grabbed her and ducked in front of her.
'Err nothing I had a cramp, in my foot and I err needed you to balance' I stammer. How was this possible? I just saw Reign, no mistake about it, she walked past so closely that I could have spat on her if I wanted to.
'Kara are you okay?' Lisa asks eyeing me suspiciously.
'Yeah I'm just peachy let's go find the boys.' I said pulling her behind me looking out for Reign.

Joel's p.o.v

'Settle down' I say to Ca$hdogg he was jumping all over the place.
'What is wrong with you?' I said patting his head.
I was watching Mest play their set and Benji was on stage with them. God knows where Paul, Billy and girls went.
I watched them play for a few minutes before I decided to head back to the bus.
Since Ca$hdogg had settled down a bit I loosened my grip on his leash, big mistake, he took off running through the crowd.

Normal p.o.v

You got tired of exploring so you decide to go back to the bus you reach the clearing of where all the buses are stationed when you feel a heavy weight knock you to the floor. You turn onto you back fighting the weight when you feel warm saliva slap the side of your face. You open your eyes and see big brown eyes staring back at you.
'Ca$hdogg' you exclaim pushing him off you and standing up.
'Wow! Hey there boy' you say hugging and stroking him. It's so good to see him again that you completely forget who he belongs to.

Joel's p.o.v

I took off after him calling his name. I finally found him, jumping on some girl. I couldn't see her face as she had her back to me She didn't look as if she was in trouble so I walked over catching my breath.
'I'm so sorry' I apologise 'He never does this I don't know what...' The rest of the sentence dies I was in total shock. What was she doing here?

Normal p.o.v

You hear the familiar voice the voice that haunted you for so long, you don't know why you turned around but you do. You face him for the first time in three years and everything floods back to you, the good times you had, every word of the letter, every hug and every argument all comes back in one go.
You don't say anything you can't you can only stare, you try to talk but nothing comes out, you feel a tear slide down your face and that reawakens you from your daze and you turn and run.

Billy p.o.v

Paul and I had just reached the clearing where all the buses were, we had met up with Lisa and Kara on the way.
At first I thought I was hallucinating, but then when Paul pointed it out I knew it was real. Reign was standing with Joel and Ca$hdogg, our Reign, the same girl who ditched us three years ago. I had grown to hate her but seeing her again all I wanted to do was hug her.
'It is Reign' Lisa cries confirming it 'What is she doing here?' she says holding onto Paul's hand. This was so surreal
'Where's she going?' I ask as I watched her take off.

Normal p.o.v

You didn't know why you were running, all you knew is that you needed the guys, and you needed Gerard. You run blindly through the crowds to the stage where they had just played.
You were running so fast that you couldn't stop yourself and you collided with Gerard knocking him over.
'Whoa slow down Doll Face' he says.
'What the matter' he asks seeing the look in your eyes. You feel two arms help you up and you knew its Bob.
'Reign what's wrong?' Frankie demands
'I wanna go home.' is all you can say 'Now I wanna go home now' you say quietly.
'Calm down, come with us.' Mikey says putting his am around you and leading you back to the stage.
You get back stage and Mikey sits you down and Frankie hands you a bottle of water.
'Ok now take your time Doll Face just tell us what happened' Gerard says his eyes were full of concern
'There here' you say opening the water 'Joel, Benji and the band.'
'Those assholes who ditched you are here' Bob asks looking around.
'Yeah I just ran into Joel' you say staring absentmindedly
'Did he say anything to you?' Frankie asks you could see he was angry.
'No he just stared at me and then I ran away' you say laughing at how stupid you feel.
'Ok let's get back to the bus we can sort it out there.' Ray say.

Benji's p.o.v

I had just got back to the bus and the guys were jumping around like they were on speed. They filled me in on what had happened earlier and I was in shock.
'Are you sure it was her?' I ask again
'Yes Benji for fuck sake man, I was standing two inches away from her.' Joel cries in frustration.
'And she didn't say anything' I say
'Nope not a word' he replies.
'But you said she cried'
'Yep I saw tears man' he said sitting down.
'I knew it was her.' I said remembering the girl I saw this morning.
'What?' Paul asks.
'I saw her this morning but I wasn't sure if it was her. I looked away for a second then she was gone.' I remember
'You know I thought I saw her too but that was back in Phoenix' Billy admits
'Maybe she's touring' I say
'With who though?' Joel questions
'With My Chemical Romance' Lisa says from the window of our bus.
'How do you know that?' I ask looking at her
'Because she walking with them now' she says.
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