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Chapter VIII - Return to the Eclipse I

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Jake and his allies must finally return to the Eclipse, and destroy the ship. Meanwhile, members of the Resistance begin to think.

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VIII - Return to the Eclipse I
Jake walked quietly to his Starship. At least fifteen different people were going "Master Starkiller!" or "General Jake!", but he ignored all of them. He was in deep thought about what he was going to do. As you can see, Jake has had a trouble on telling Amy he is blind. And he can't do anything about it. Knowing he had to tell Amy some day without making her going into a fit of rage, Jake ran over 50 simulations of what to tell Amy, but not one came out with a positive reaction; she was going to go insane if Jake told her even in the slightest wrong way. What was he going to do if such a small thing to him could trigger something negative? THIS is what he was going to do.
Paige was settling into her new quarters, figuring out what to do for her first week in the Resistance. Meet the officers? Do some blaster training? Decide if she will be a tactician or a warrior? Or perhaps just leave the Resistance all together? She had no clue what she was going to do for the first week. Maybe she could call in David and the two of them decide together? When she thought that, she thought of inviting Tath, but she believed he had his own way of getting used to life fighting the most powerful military and economic might since the Imperial Empire of Darth Sidious.
"Hello Paige, what is it my friend?" David enquired, over intercom.
"I was wondering if you'd want to come and settle into the Resistance with me. We could meet the Generals and get used to life in the Resistance together later on if you would like." she replied.
"I think that sounds like a great idea on how to get used to life here, and I shall come over to your quarters immediately and we can think on what to do first." David stated.
"Fantastic! I'll see you later." Paige said, and cut off the intercom discussion.
"So what are we going to do?" Rey said, walking with Finn in the forests of D'Qar.
"We need to move the base of operations I think. Remember when the First Order attacked us during Unimageddon?" Finn asked.
"I do, and it was a nightmare getting them away. Maybe you are correct. We should inform General Leia about this idea and tell her to get personnel onto creating a base and living quarters for us all on..." Rey stuttered.
"What is it?" Finn asked.
"It's just... what planet are we going to live on? The First Order is stronger then us after all, and they have a map to everywhere in the Galaxy." Rey said.
"That is true, and I'm still thinking about that, or maybe Leia could come up with an idea of a planet for us all." Finn said.
"She is the sister of the most powerful Jedi in the galaxy." Rey said.
"And your his daughter." Finn replied, lacing his fingers with Rey's. "We should return to the base and tell them of your genius idea."
Rey smirked, and the two of them began to walk in the way of the base.
"Jake! JAKE!" somebody yelled.
This time, it sounded familiar, so Jake stopped in his tracks, and heard Amy's voice.
"What now?" Jake said, clearly distraught in his voice.
"I was just wondering where are you going?" Amy enquired inquisitively, determined to receive an answer.
"You know where." Jake said.
"You can't go back to the Eclipse. Do you remember you got blinded temporarily?" she asked.
Jake sighed.
"I do, and I'm going back. You can if you want." Jake allowed.
"I will do, I can't let you nearly lose your eyesight again." Amy said.
Jake has no intention of allowing Amy to place herself in more danger then she currently already is in from Jake's secret.
"That's quite good then." Jake lied. "At least I won't be alone."
However, Jake knew truly well he was alone; alone in the dark, and he could only sit and adapt.
The two began to pilot their ships towards the Eclipse destroyer, above the planet Crait, firing on what seems to be a Resistance ship. Jake immediately began to shoot down any TIE Fighters that seemed to be attacking the Resistance. The Jedi Master's intercom starting ringing, and he answered it, to a random Commander of the Resistance.
"Master Starkiller, thank you! We will now be able to set a Resistance outpost on Crait in safety from any First Order attacks, thanks to you!" the Resistance commander said.
"No problem. It's fantastic to know the Resistance is still fighting against the mighty First Order, and that we will never give up, despite any odds." Master Starkiller replied.
The intercom ended, and the two Jedi managed to defeat all TIE Fighters.
"It's time to land in the Destroyer Jake." Amy said.
"It is. Now let's going and take this ship down finally."
The two began piloting fast to the docking area.
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