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Chapter VII - Escapists

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Rey, Finn and the others get ready to escape the prison they were wrongly incarnated into.

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Chapter VII - Escapists
BEFORE NOTE: I will be doing something with Leia and her fate due to the sad passing of Carrie Fisher on December 27, 2016.
David sneaked out of the prison cell during the night to search the prison for a decent computer to give at least 2 minutes to the escape plan. Cameras were still up, but he dressed in a stolen cop uniform. He looked around for gates controlled by a computer which would be strong enough. David saw the perfect one, strong looking, and probably enough for 2 or more minutes, which would be fantastic. However, a cop was coincidentally walking the other way to David, and saw he wasn't a normal cop.
"You! Sir! Give me your cop code!" the sergeant said.
"Uh.. I'm sorry for this." David said, before knocking the cop out stone cold. He laid him on the wall as he approached the computer, unplugging it and carrying it to the cell.
Jake was bouncing a ball onto the wall, trying to get used to the Force being his eyes. He was doing good, as if he was doing it effortlessly. The thing is when you become a Jedi Master, things like this happen all the time. Jedi die, Jedi go blind and suffer and then they try using the Force to make it seem nothing happened.
"Jake?" Amy said, walking into his quarters.
Jake jumped on his feet and replied,
Jake wasn't wearing his shades so he was looking normal.
"I see you've been here all day," she said.
"I have, yes." Jake said.
"Luke said there was something wrong. Do you want to go see him?" Amy asked.
"Yes, that'd be a good idea," Jake answered.
They left to meet the Grand Master.
"I have it!" David said, placing on a tiny table in front of Paige.
"This is perfect! With this, I can take down the cameras for about three minutes while we escape." Paige said.
"I pick pocketed this blaster from a guard." Tath said, tossing it to Finn.
"Okay are we all defended and have a weapon?" Rey asked.
"I think so." David said. "Are you ready Paige?"
"Yes," she said, starting to hack the system.
Rey used Force Unlock to unlock the cell door ready to run out when the cameras are down.
"Oh no. This is going to be a lot less then three minutes. We'd have 1 and a half." Paige said.
"We can live with that." Rey said.
"Done! Lets go now!" Paige said, as the five ran out and started looking for an exit.
"Hello Jake and Amy," said Luke.
"Hello Father. What was this 'problem' you told Amy?" Jake asked.
"How your... eyes ache." Luke said.
"You shouldn't have told her Luke." Jake said. "Remember what I said?"
"I didn't though!" Luke yelled.
"You obviously have!" Jake yelled at Luke, storming out of the room and heading back to his quarters.
"Jake! What was that about?" Amy asked.
"Well, for starters, I've been keeping a secret from you." Jake started, before being interrupted by a call from Rey.
"Yes Rey?" he said.
"Get to Dantooine Prison as soon as you can!" she said, deflecting blaster bolts with her retrieved lightsaber.
"Did you get arrested after fighting? I'm on my way!" Jake said.
Amy started running for a ship, while Jake kept the call open.
"Rey..." Jake said.
"Yes brother?" Rey said, now outside of the prison.
"I'm blind." Jake said.
"What? Did you not get healed after Eclipse attacks you carried out?" Rey asked.
"I did, but it didn't work." Jake said.
"Do you think you can come to help?" Rey asked.
"Of course, I am a Jedi Master after all." Jake re-assured, ending the call.
"What was that about?" Finn asked.
"Jake's blind still. The treatment didn't work. And worst of all, the Eclipse isn't even down yet!" Rey said.
"Nevermind his eyes, he can cope for now, we need to get the Eclipse down to weaken the First Order!" Finn said. "With our new allies!"
The five were stabbing, deflecting or shooting the cops chasing them, as Amy and Jake arrived in an Old Republic Clone Ship.
"Quick!" Jake yelled, grabbing his lightsaber to test if he can do well. "Get on the ship!"
He started deflecting bolts with Rey, walking backwards slowly to the ship. He climbed back in the pilot seat, but got shot in the leg by a cop. He got back in, but he couldn't drive.
Rey hopped out and switched seats with Jake, and she piloted back to D'Qar.
Back in the Resistance Base, David, Paige and Tath officially joined the Resistance move against the First Order.
"I have something to announce." Finn started. "I am officially resigning from the New Republic Chancellorship. The Deputy of the same political party as me will take over in exactly seven days of the signing of the resignation papers, which will be noon tomorrow most likely.".
The Resistance was glad, especially Leia, because she had plans to take a step back and allow more power to the rest of the Resistance.
"Finn, you are now Deputy Lead of the Resistance! You are also first in line to take over from me one day!" Leia said.
In the Jedi Temple, Jake walked back to his quarters, confident now how he can do blind as a Jedi Master. Amy still doesn't know he's blind. Luke and Jake still haven't made up, and other then his sister Rey, Jake feels isolated from the Order, with no-one able to know he's blind, not even his best friends.
Harry walked into his quarters with him.
"Jake, how are you?" Harry asked.
"Good thank you, but I asked you to come here to tell you something." Jake said.
"Of course! We are really close friends, you can tell me anything and I will keep it secret!" Harry said.
"Thanks. I wanted to tell you I'm still blind from the Eclipse attacks." Jake announced to him.
"Oh, well I promise to make sure I tell no-one, and I'll make sure you get the treatment needed my friend." Harry said.
"Thank you, it means a lot to know I have some friends in the Order who I can tell." Jake said.
"Who else knows?" Harry asked inquisitively.
"Luke does, Rey does, Finn does, Leia does, and you do." Jake answered. "Talk to any of them about it if you want EXCEPT Luke. If he finds out I told you, he'd go mad." Jake said.
Finn walked in.
"Hello Finn!" Jake said before hugging him and hand-shaking him. "Congratulations on the Resistance deputy-ship!".
"Thank you Jake. I wanted to ask you something to make sure it's okay before I do something about it." Finn said.
"Go on." Jake said.
"Luke said it's okay, but I wanted to make sure you are fine with me and Rey." Finn said.
"Of course I am. I hoped you two would notice each other!" Jake said.
"Yes, we are close but I would end it if you said no, because I know how much she means to you as your sister." Finn said.
"And how much you mean to me as my good friend." Jake said.
Amy knocked on the door of his quarters.
"Come in." Jake said, thinking it was Luke.
She walked in, and noticed Harry and Finn.
"Sorry am I intruding into anything?" Amy asked.
"No you're just lucky we finished our conversation." Finn said.
"Oh, what?" Jake said.
"I'm sorry? What did I do wrong?" Amy asked.
"Nothing, but what do you want?" Jake asked.
"I just wanted to say Hello, Jake, is that a crime?" she asked.
"No, but in fact I was going to tell these two something in private." Jake said.
"Oh okay, can you tell me too?" she asked.
"Private." he confirmed.
She walked out.
"Anyway, I wanted to make sure you knew I am blind." Jake said.
"We do, and we won't tell Amy or anyone else." Finn said.
"I told Harry just now, and I'm sure Rey told you." Jake said.
"She did." Finn said. "We've both got to go, you should lay down and relax my friend!".
"I will, thanks for letting us talk." Jake said.
"Our pleasure." Harry said, as they left.
Jake lied down, pondering on how to lightly inform Amy he is blind.
Read on in Chapter VIII: Return to the Eclipse I
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