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Chapter VI - Cope

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Coping with his new disability, Jake must keep his blindness a secret from Amy.

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Memories are more hard to remember in the darkness.
Blindness. Deafness. Death. Disease. War. Famine. Barbarism. Problems that the Galaxy must face bravely. It's not all about battles. It's about life too. Luckily, the Force can heal most of these things, but not the sadness and consequences from the original. The Force could be the most powerful force of the Universe, but it can do nothing to a heart of emotion.

Jake wakes up and rubes his eyes. The way he used his ability to save Amy couldn't let the Force heal him. The Force cannot heal damage physically from the Force. Jake knew this, but he tried regularly still. However, there were a few problems. The first one was that he needed to hide this from Amy.
"If she finds out," Jake said. "She'd demand you and the Galaxy to do things they can't do."
Luke turned his seat around, closed his book and stood up.
"You're right Jake. I don't need more things to do, what dealing with Kylo Ren and the end of the Second Empire," Luke replied.
Well, the Force can fix some of his blindness. He can sense better now, because the focus his body had on his sight is now regulated to his other senses, including his connection to the Force.
Jake stood up and walked off with his shaded glasses on.
"I'll see you later Luke." Jake said.

Meanwhile, in a Dantooine jail, Rey and inmates are planning an escape from prison.
"Okay guys, this is it." Finn said.
"Lets run through the plan quickly." Rey said.
"So you, David, will distract the guards as you are the tankiest of the lot here." Finn said. "Understood?"
"Yes." David replied.
"Next up, you Paige, you will hack into the security systems and take down the cameras allowing Tath to break through the barriers." Rey said.
"I'll need a decent computer if you want 2 minutes." Paige said.
"We've got that." answered Tath, placing a stolen, yet technologically weak computer from the guards room in front of her.
"With this," Paige started. "You'd get 1/2 a minute. Maybe not even that. I'd need a way better one for you to stand any sort of chance of escaping."
"That is our last priority before we escape. We've got this." Rey said.
"Lets do this then." Finn said.

Where Jake was going was a high worry for Luke. Normally it wasn't, because he wasn't blind. But Jake's not used to being blind. He's used to sight as he was born with it and knows no life without it. Until now, and when he goes to meet Amy to practice to talk to her as a blind man, he remembers not to let her find out.
"Hi Jake!" she says, opening the door to him.
"Hey. How are you?" Jake replied.
"Good. You must really like those glasses." Amy said.
"Oh you wouldn't believe!" Jake jokingly said. They started casually talking as friends, but Amy cannot know he is still blind.

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