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Chapter V - Rescue on the Eclipse II

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Jake regained consciousness, but at a terrible cost. Meanwhile, the battle on Dantooine rages on.

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It means life.
"Jake?" a faint voice said.
Jake sat up on his hospital bed, confused and dazed.
"Jake!" Luke yelled.
Luke hugged Jake, as he sat still.
"What's wrong?" he asked.
"Have I got my eyes open?" asked Jake.
Luke, confused, inquisitively asked,
"Just tell me. Are my eyes open?" Jake asked.
"Yes." Luke answered.
"Then why do I see black?" Jake asked.


CLASH CLUNG BANG were the sounds of the ensuing battle on Dantooine. The so called United Kingdom of Dantooine was facing off against the Jedi. The guards had a hard time fighting off the crowd, as many of the once glorious ten were overwhelmed and struck down. Master Rey was impressed by the strength of Jeld with his bo-blade. They got in a block.
"The Republic is corrupt! It has done nothing for it's worlds!" Jeld said.
"It does plenty, you ungrateful hutt." Rey said.
Blows were exchanged, force powers were blocked and it looked like Jeld might beat Rey.
"ARGH!" the last royal guard screamed after being struck down.
Just the two left. A warrior politician, and a warrior diplomat. Half the crowd were struck down, though, breaking down the threat of Jeld more. But it was five-hundred and three vs two.
"Surrender?" Jeld proposed.
"Jedi fight to the end." Rey said.
"I'll call Republic reinforcements!" Finn yelled.
Rey deflected bolts as Finn shot back. Crowds fell and the shields of the guards died.


Jake placed his hand on a bar. He lifted himself off the bed.
"I'm blind then." Jake said.
"We'll gather up all of us, fight our way out and heal you." Luke said.
Amy walked in.
"Lets go then." Jake demanded, sensing Amy's presence. "I'll need help though Luke."
They ran and deflected bolts as Jake sensed and told them where to deflect when they ran not looking.
"Quick get in the pod!" Jake yelled, as they got into the escape pods. They set the destination for D'Qar.


The crowd was dead. All that remained were two new magna guards, Jeld, Rey and Finn.
"Three vs two. I held you off Rey, and he has nothing to fight the magna guards." Jeld said.
Once pretty grass was covered by blood, and dead bodies from the battle.
"Fine. We surrender." Rey said. "On one condition."
"Yes, m'lady?" Jeld replied.
"We're to be put in a occupied jail cell with other inmates." Rey requested.
Jeld laughed. "I don't know why you would want to, but okay."
Rey winked at Finn, and Finn knew it was part of a plan.


"And there!" Luke said.
Jake blinked and could see.
"Thanks." Jake said.
To prove he could properly see, he hosted a saber training session.
Later, Luke comes into Jake's room where he is on his bed tapping his hands and floating a book with the force, wearing some dark shaded glasses.
"Jake. We need to talk," Luke said.
"Okay," Jake replied.
"That was extremely dangerous!" Luke yelled. Jake didn't look at him.
"LOOK AT ME!" Luke demanded.
"No. I can't." Jake said, taking off his shaded glasses and rubbing his eyes.
"You cannot do things like that! What if you got killed? What would happen? The Order needs you!" Luke screamed. "LOOK AT ME!"
"Luke, I can't. I really can't. I can't see anything never again." Jake said, taking off his shades and seeing black. "I'm still blind."
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