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Chapter IV - Dantooine Journey

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Rey and Finn travel to Dantooine to confront the corrupt senator who was "elected" via democracy. Meanwhile, the Eclipse raid and rescue endures to a boiling point.

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Chapter IV - Dantooine Journey
"Wait. You said nearly all the Old Order members were dead." Amy said.
"Yes. There are few survivors of Order 66." Luke replied.
Amy thought about the statement Skywalker just said. She walked up and down, juggling her blue lightsaber.
"Do you know where they are?" asked Amy.
"No." Luke answered, unhappy he didn't know.
Amy sat down on the floor, and Luke joined her. Amy started breathing slowly and asked Luke,
"Where is your son?"
Luke at this point just remembered the crucial mission he was on: Return Master Starkiller to safety. He leaped up, and guided Amy to follow him to explore the ship.
Eventually, Rey and Finn and the ten still slaved Royal Guards of the Chancellor exited the ship on Dantooine, the planet of Senator Jeld (a supposed corrupt senator) and home to Yavin 4.
"Yes it is time for our great planet to form a United Kingdom." a voice said.
"Did you hear that?" Finn asked.
"Hear what?" asked and replied Rey, confused on what her lover said.
Finn answered, "Somebody mentioned on making a United Kingdom of Dantooine, seperate from the Republic."
"Heil the Kingdom! Heil the King!" another voice said, once again mentioning a supposed independent, sovereign from the Republic Dantooine.
"Curse the Republic! What has the filth ever done for us?" a third voice said.
"Okay." Rey started. "I think that's enough."
She grabbed her lightsaber and demanded that all Rebels came out of hiding.
Clap. Clap. Clap.
A cloaked figure approached the two.
He removed his cloak.
It was Jeld.
"Senator Jeld. You are coming with us!" a Royal Guard commanded.
"I think it's a no." said Jeld.
"Then we shall take you by force!" another guard yelled.
"Again," started Jeld, as two magna guards rolled in next to him, "I think it's a no."
"HEIL THE KINGDOM! HEIL THE KING! HEIL THE GLORIOUS REGIME!" a thousand-or-so voices screamed.
A crowd jumped out, armed and ready. It was a thousand people and two Magna guards versus a Jedi, the Chancellor of the Republic, and ten royal guards.

What could possibly go wrong?

A lot.
Jake and Luke ran into each other. They finally found each other after at least a dozen hours searching for each other. Jake and Luke hugged, as Jake noticed a woman in the background.
After ending the hug, Jake walked straight over to Amy. He looked straight into her blue eyes.
Only three words came out of her mouth.
"I love you." she said, putting her hand to Jake's face.
Jake contemplated reacting back, but decided against it in his mind, and walked away.
"Alright!" he said, grabbing his lightsaber heroically. "It's time to bust this joint!"
"I'm in Jake! Let's finally bring down this terrorist group once and for all!" Luke yelled. "For the Jedi!"
With that, Luke activated his lightsaber and started cutting down troopers left right and center.
As Jake ran on to the field to assist his father, his right arm was grabbed by Amy, who pulled him back.
"Jake..." Amy said. "I'm sorry I broke you that day I left the Jedi. I was told you never rested, never trained, never did anything. You just sat there, maybe tossed a training ball around, doing nothing, thinking it was all your fault."
"Look, I have my father to help here." Jake said, slowly walking off, and shrugging off her arm.
As Jake, Luke and Amy started deflecting bolts and slicing stormtroopers, a sudden BANG occurs, and throws the stormtroopers and the Jedi off balance.
Jake backflips back on to his feet, while Luke gets up and continues fighting.
But Amy is just lying on the floor. Motionless.
He picks her up, and Luke nods, saying he'll be fine, as he takes her to a medical center in the ship.
"So," Jeld said. "I finally get a lightsaber on my belt."
Rey focuses even more.
"Good luck surviving Chancellor." Jeld said.
"Good luck trying to kill me." Finn smirkes.
As the crowd charges at him, Finn pulls out his blaster and starts to punch and kick the crowd members to the ground and shoots at the armed soldiers. As the guards go in for the Magna guards, Rey walks towards Jeld.
"A former soldier, 10 of the best elite, and me fighting your crappy army?" Rey asked.
"Oh please," said Jeld. "I'm the King around here. I can click my fingers and the air forces can come in."
"That is only for a coward." Rey said, smirking.
"You versus me." Jeld challenges.
"With pleasure." Rey confines confidently, accepting his challenge, as the two get into a battle.
Well, she looked okay. She only had a bruise on her arm, a cut on her cheek, and a few drops of blood on her leg.
"At least no stormtroopers shot you." Jake said, slightly smiling, but slightly frowning.
"Please, I only just saw you again, I can't let you die now." he said, a tear dropping out of his eye, squeezing her hand tightly.
"Oh no," he said, crying more.
"Wait Jake... think back to training!" he said.
"Okay Jake." said Luke in a flashback when Jake was eight and found by Luke. "This power is for last resort ONLY. If an important person is about to die, you can harness force heal and take some of your heart energy and place it into them. This is VERY risky, only use it when it's completely necessary.".
He had to, because he simply couldn't lose her.
After gently kissing her on the head, he whispered into her ear,
"I love you too. And this is what I'd do for you."
Jake starts to drain heart energy with force heal and starts placing it inside of Amy.

She suddenly wakes up, and looks at Jake, who looks at his hand, and collapses to the floor.
Hey, sorry I haven't published in a while lately. I've been thinking a bit more about these stories too, and I'm going to try and make them longer.
Thanks for reading.

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