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Chapter III - Rescue on the Eclipse I

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Jake must escape from the Eclipse with help from Luke and Amy.

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Chapter III - Rescue on the Eclipse I
"You said nearly impenetrable??" Jake said.
"What?" Kylo Ren asked.
"Nothing. Nothing. You gonna strike me down or whatever?" Jake asked.
"Not yet. I have more important things to do than to strike down a simple Jedi Master," Kylo answered.
Perfect. I can retrieve my lightsaber. Jake thought.
Ren said, "On the other hand, you are defenseless. I can kill you now, cousin..."
Kylo then took his mask off and dropped it onto the table next to Jake's saber.
"Uh, can you put the helmet back on?" Jake asked.
"Making petty comments like that," Ren started, "Only makes me want to kill you quicker."
"That's what I want, Ben," Jake asked.
"Right! THAT IS IT!" Kylo Ren screamed. He grabbed his crossguard lightsaber and activated it. He raised his saber above his head, ready to decapitate Jake. Jake grabbed his spare saber on his belt and blocked the shot just before it hit him.
Ren forced more strength, making the Jedi Master use Soresu at his best. He force pushed Ren off of him and grabbed the capsule his primary lightsaber is in and ran out of the ship room.
Meanwhile, Rey pays a visit to Finn, who just came out of a Senate vote. Rey walks towards a teared Finn.
"What's wrong?" she asked, wiping away his tears.
"I tried, but the Senate outvoted me," Finn wailed.
"What was it about?" Rey asked.
"The Republic, they're making the Resistance and the Jedi Order a part of the Republic, even at the behest of the Resistance and the Jedi," Finn answered.
"You're the Chancellor, you should be able to make the final vote," Rey said.
"That was the Old Republic and this is the New Republic. The Chancellor's vote, is simply a vote," Finn replied. "Also, your being escorted out by force. Once again, I didn't choose."
Rey thought, I think I can sense corruption in the Senate... I don't trust some of the Senators. I should tell Luke.
"Ah, Miss Rogers," Luke said, after meeting Amy on the Eclipse.
"Master Skywalker," she said, bowing. "I've heard Jake has been captured by Kylo Ren and the First Order."
"Did you transmit the message to Chandillra?" Luke asked.
"I did, but I've heard no reply," Amy said.
"Ah," Luke said. "The Council of the Force and the High Council must be in an emergency meeting about this statement."
"Excuse me?" Amy asked.
"Oh, it's been been about 2 years after you've left and after the whole treason and grief thing, the Order went through a Mastery change," Luke started. "We scrapped things from the Old Order, like the Council of First Knowledge but kept main things, like the High Council."
She replied with, "I never read about the Old Order in the holocrons when I was a member."
"We have members of the Old Order to tell you, they're just not here," Luke said.
"They're dead?" she asked.
"No. Yoda, my Master who finished my training, Obi-Wan, who kindled my connection to the Force, and Anakin, my father and Sith Lord Darth Vader, are with the Councils to see what is going on," Luke answered, "but nearly all the rest are dead..."
Jake was running for his life. He never ran as fast as this. He had to escape. He just had to destroy the Eclipse.
But how?
A Jedi Master and Councillor versus an entire army and fleet? Not even the Force can guide him through 500,000 ships. But, the question is... can it actually?
Starkiller stopped for a moment, using his second lightsaber to cut open the box that his lightsaber was in. It was successful; Jake retrieved his lightsaber. However, behind him was a single trooper cadet.
"Ah! Jedi!" he screamed. He juggled his blaster before shooting Jake's robotic hand, with his second lightsaber in it, therefore destroying the lightsaber.
"Ah!" Jake yelled. "What was that for?"
"Well, you're a Jedi... I'm a stormtrooper..." he said.
"Cadet," Jake finished.
"Well I have my blaster still so, stand down!" the cadet commanded.
Jake activated his blue lightsaber with Shien reverse grip. The cadet dropped his blaster with fright and ran off. Jake just used telekinesis and picks up his blaster. He throws it at the back of the cadet's head, rendering him unconscious.
"Maybe train before taking on a Jedi Master," Jake murmured under his breath.
Finn was escorted out of the Senate chambers by ten Royal Guard commanders.
"Well?" Rey asked, outside with Harry - who just arrived - waiting for him.
"Nothing new. Except that the Resistance can plead in the next Senate meeting for their point, as well as the Jedi Council, if they can be trusted," Finn said.
"Wait," Rey said, intrigued. "Who said, 'If they can be trusted.'?"
"Senator Jeld of Dantooine," Finn answered.
"Ok. May I take your guards?" Rey asked.
"Sure," Finn once again answered.
Rey sticks up her hand and says,
"You will follow me..."
"We will follow you..." the guards answered.
She used an amazing power.
The Jedi Mind trick. You know, the one where you can get weak minded individuals to do your bidding. I should try it on my brothers...
Anyway, back to the story.
Rey and Finn take their Guard army to a legion ship. It has enough for 20 passengers, meaning that 12 passengers can be handled.
"Off to Dantooine..." Rey said.
Sorry for the late chapter, but I hope you enjoyed. Thanks for reading.

Read on in Star Wars Episode IX: Shadows of the Empire IV - Dantooine Journey and in
V - Rescue on the Eclipse II . I decided to do a sub story before finishing off the Eclipse part. Planning on X chapters on Eclipse and the other CXL will be focused on later.
Thanks for reading and goodbye.
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