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Chapter II - Raid on the Eclipse II

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Surrounded by troopers, Luke and Jake must escape. Meanwhile, a Senate vote endures.

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Chapter II of CL - Raid on the Eclipse II
Note: OK I don't know if I can come up with 150 chapters but I'll aim for over 100 to try and hit a record for the most chapters in the Star Wars section and maybe even the website! Oh and another note which isn't as happy...
I am so stupid for not posting this the day it happened! About one week ago, we lost a legend that brought small people to the big screen. We lost none other than Kenny Baker himself.
If you don't know who he is, he played R2-D2. On August 13, his niece pronounced his death after a longterm illness. And it turns out, he was the droid we were looking for. May the Force be with you, Kenny Baker.
"So I propose: the Resistance becomes a part of the Republic to keep an eye on both the Resistance and the Jedi," Senator Daniel said.
Finn didn't know to accept this or not. The Resistance will become more powerful if they join the Republic, he thought. But the Resistance needs to be free to contend with the First Order and the remnants of the Empire.
"Chancellor Finn, do you agree that the Resistance should join the Republic?"
Finn stammered. He thought and stammered,
Meanwhile, Jake and Luke were surrounded by troops. One single trooper shot a single blaster shot at Luke. Luke activated his lightsaber, deflecting the bolt into the trooper's face, killing him. Luke engaged all but one trooper. That single trooper shot a blaster bolt at Jake, yet the Jedi Master caught it with his bare hand.
"Really?" he asked. Jake then threw the blaster bolt back at his opponent's chest, blowing him away. He then activated his lightsaber and started to use Soresu, Shien and Djem So to cut through the stormtroopers, while Luke used the same forms.
After cutting down all the troopers in his path, Jake grabbed his comm link and commanded to Artoo,
"Shut down the shields!"
"Bleep bloop bleep," Artoo replied.
"What do you mean that you've been found by stormtroopers?" Jake said. "Oh... OK we'll have to slide the ship vertically. Use your tow cable to clip onto the wall. Luke help me out here."
The two Jedi Masters used the Force to completely rotate the ship vertically. Jake managed to use one hand to rip open a tile to make sure they don't fall to the bottom of the ship. After rotating the ship vertically, Luke leaped down to the tile and landed safely. Jake also leaped down. Originally, he made it, though he slipped and grabbed onto the edge. Jake tried to climb up but ultimately failed, losing his grip and falling down the ship.
"Ahhh!!!" he screamed. He fell nearly 500 ft before hitting an energy shield, falling unconscious.
During this, Jedi Masters Rey Skywalker and Kyle Katarn governed over the Jedi Order, upholding the rest of the Council. Rey is talking to her grandfather's Force Ghost, while Katarn is talking to Obi-Wan Kenobi and Yoda's Force Ghosts.
"Master Yoda, I don't know if I should be talking the place of Skywalker while he is off with Starkiller on the Eclipse," Kyle said. "Do you agree?"
"Agree, I do not. A good leader, you are," Yoda proclaims.
"I agree with Yoda. You are a natural leader. You deserve to be on the High Council," Kenobi said.
"Master Katarn! Master Yoda! Master Kenobi! We have a message from Amy Rogers!" Harry, Jake's former Padawan said. Amy Rogers was a Jedi Padawan of Jake Starkiller and ultimately left the Order after being accused of treason against the Senate and grief against the Resistance. It was shown that she didn't do these things and after having her name cleared, she was presented Knighthood. She ultimately turned it down and left the Order.
"She said that Master Skywalker sent a message to her stating that Master Starkiller is lost. She also said that the Eclipse is falling through space. We have to rescue them!"
"Go!" Anakin Skywalker's ghost said.
On the planet of Coruscant, Amy Rogers is living with her husband Matthew. She is a member in the Galactic Senate for the planet of Coruscant.
"OK I have to go, love," Amy said to Matthew. "I need to see the Jedi."
"The Jedi? You left them. You're going to see the High Council?" Matt asked.
"Part of them. Master Starkiller's location is unknown and Master Skywalker are stuck on the Eclipse," Amy said.
"Master Starkiller? You mean, Jake Starkiller, your former Master and lover?" Matt asked.
"Yes. Got a problem?" Amy asked, grabbing her belt and lightsaber.
"No," Matt said.
"Good. Now I'm gonna go save my friends. Got a problem with it?" Amy asked.
"No," Matt answered.
"Good," Amy said.
Luke is still on a tiny platform, kneeling down to see if his son is visible. He uses the Force to form a staircase with the floor to lead him down to where Jake fell and landed. He saw the energy shield the Jedi Master hit and leaped down to see if he was still there. However, he was not. Luke is intrigued and worried so starts to go looking for him, slicing through the walls wherever he goes. The Eclipse is still falling through space and Luke stops the ship with the Force. He rotates it alone back to straight, leaving the Super Star Destroyer vulnerable. He continues looking for Jake.
Jake wakes up in a room, different to where he fell unconscious. He is on the floor near Kylo Ren, master of the Knights of Ren.
"Welcome back, young Starkiller," Kylo said.
"Kylo Ren," Jake said, standing back up. "Give up. I defeated you last time and my powers have doubled since then. Stand down."
"Well good luck trying to get me," Kylo said, revealing his lightsaber in a case. Jake uses the Force to attempt to grab it, but the lightsaber with a blue crystal didn't move.
"Force enhanced cage. The lightsaber is nearly impossible to get out with the Force," Kylo said. "Your the one who should give up now."
He then takes off his mask.
"Prepare for death, Jedi," he said.

Read on in Star Wars Episode IX: Shadows of the Empire: Chapter III - Rescue on the Eclipse.
Afternote: Prepare for a VERY long story to read. In a couple of months time (probably about 2 years or even 2 and a half years) this story will end but it won't be soon. I mean, Episode VIII hasn't even came out yet (well the REAL Episode VIII. My story can't be an Episode VIII because it's been confirmed it starts exactly where the Force Awakens left off and mine starts five years after).
Anyway, what do you think about Jake's ability to catch a blaster bolt with his bare hand using the Force and throw it back? Think it's awesome, or a bit too much? Leave your thoughts in reviews!
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