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Chapter I - Raid on the Eclipse

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Jedi Masters Luke Skywalker and Jake Starkiller attack the Eclipse, one of the most important ships in the First Order's possession.

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Chapter I - Raid on the Eclipse
During an attack above the planet of D'Qar, Jedi Grandmaster Luke Skywalker and Supreme Chancellor Finn were discussing the attack on the Eclipse, the most powerful and important ships in the possession of the First Order.
"Master Skywalker," said Chancellor Finn. "Take Master Starkiller with you to attack the Eclipse."
"Will do, Chancellor," replied Luke. "I'll leave Masters Dem and Katarn in charge of the Order. Gather Rey and Trax to assist you in your fleet's attack. Those two Jedi should be free."
Luke wondered over to the Temple on D'Qar near the Resistance base and saw his son training a class of younglings in Form III of lightsaber combat, Soresu, which is the all defensive form of saber combat.
"Master Starkiller?" Luke said.
Jake looked over to see his father waiting at the door.
"OK younglings. Go to Master Katarn now for force ability training," he said. After all the younglings had left, he walked over and asked,
"Yes, Dad?"
"Come with me. I have a mission to discuss with you," Luke stated. The two slowly walked out of the youngling training room and talked.
"Supreme Chancellor Finn has requested that I and another Jedi Master lead the assault on the Eclipse today and he recommended I choose you. Willing to come?" he asked.
Jake simply replied,
"If I have to,"
Meanwhile, at the base of the New Republic, Jedi Masters Rey and Trax are reporting to Chancellor Finn about their mission on destroying the remnants of the New Galactic Empire and the New Sith Order.
"We destroyed all traces of the Empire in the Known Regions but we don't know about the Unknown Regions. We presume they might've survived and if they have, they might still pose a threat to the Republic," Rey said.
"Trax, what do you have to say?" Finn asked.
"The mission, in my part, was a complete success and we completely destroyed all the invaders from the Empire attacking our place of Mygoon," Trax said.
"Great," Finn said. "Now that the Empire is out of the picture, mostly, our defeat of the First Order should be much easier. Inform Katarn about this."
"Yes, Chancellor," Trax said, while both Rey and Trax walk off.
"Rey?" Finn asked. Rey stopped and turned around, and starts walking towards Finn.
"Yes?" she asked.
"Why are you sad?" he asked.
"Sad? I'm not sad," she said.
"The look in your eyes say otherwise. Come here," he said.
Rey walks to him and hugs him and Finn kisses her gently on the forehead.
"Don't worry," Finn said. "Peace will be restored soon."
"I sure hope," Rey replies.
Jake and Luke were piloting through, shooting down all TIEs in their way. Poe is also helping them shoot them down.
"Whoo!" Poe yelled.
"I know!" Jake yelled. "This is AWESOME!"
One TIE Fighter shot by Poe starts heading towards the Eclipse and blows up, yet not doing any damage.
"OK, that's odd. That's made of the same material of the Death Star. It should damage the Star Destroyer, even if it's a little bit," Luke said.
"Alright, Poe?" Jake said.
"Yes?" Poe said over the comms.
"Go back to the base on D'Qar. We'll attack the Eclipse from the inside," Jake commanded.
"Sure thing Jake!" Poe said, before zooming down to D'Qar.
Jake and Luke shot into the hanger of the Eclipse and landed their ships.
"R2 distract the troopers here," Jake commanded.
"Beep beep bloop," R2-D2 said.
"No in this room. We'll be fine," Luke said.
"Beep bloop," R2-D2 said.
"No." Jake strictly said.
The two Jedi take off their robes and start running to the center of the ship.
"Luke we have to do this properly," Jake said.
"We will," Luke stated.
"Remember during the final assault on the Empire?" Jake asked.
Luke starts to flashback but Jake uses a mind trick.
"Luke focus," Jake demanded.
"Sorry," Luke said.
Continuing to run, the two Jedi Masters ended up bumping into a door.
"R2 lower the shields to the doors," Jake said to R2 over the comms.
"Bleep bleep bloop," R2 replied.
"I know I told you to stay there but you know not to listen to me!" Jake yells.
"Bleep bleep bloop," R2 answered.
"Thank you!" Jake said with a sigh of relief.
However, Luke and Jake hear a gun reload.
"Freeze Jedi!" a voice said.
Luke turns around to see a group of stormtroopers prepared to shoot at him and his son.
"Uh, Jake?" he asked, tapping his shoulder.
"Hmm?" he answered.
Luke grabbed Jake's shoulders and turned him around.
"Son of a bantha," Jake said. "R2 hurry up and get these shields down!"
"Bleep bleep bloop," R2 bleeped.
"You've got to be kidding me!" Jake sighed.

Read on in Chapter II of (hopefully) C soon!

Uh and if you don't know, C is roman numerals for... 100... I want to do 100 chapters. I mean it might mean that this story has over 100,000 words but, who cares? I've got nothing to do.
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