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Silent Princess (Zelda's POV Botw)

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Zelda's struggles with her sealing powers, the death of her mother, and having to deal with her newfound appointed knight. Zelda's story. The real Legend of Zelda

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Zelda's POV

I clasped my hands together, as I looked up at the Goddess Statue. A tint of sunset orange covered my cheeks. Praying in front of the guards embarrassed me. I looked at mother nervously "Go on Zelda. Pray darling" She said as if it wasn't a problem. I closed my eyes "Dear Goddesses. My name is Zelda Hyrule. And this may be my second time talking to you... But I want you to know" I said, furrowing my brows. I squeezed my hands tighter "That I will do ANYTHING if you awaken my powers right now!!" I heard one of the guards chuckle. I opened my eyes, to see mother glaring at him "Zelda. Darling. Your prayers will come in time. No need to rush" She said, her voice calming my angry state.

"My Queen, Lady Urbosa has arrived. She wishes to speak with you," I turned to see a Royal guard, bowing in front of us. I looked at his uniform. It was very well made, it flattered his physique. I loved Urbosa, she was like an aunt to me "Urbosa? I want to come!" I said tugging at Mothers dress "Darling, you must go with Father" She said with a stern voice.

Today was like any day. The only exception being, I had just sent my first prayer to the Goddesses. I saw Father turn the corner. His long flowing brown hair and ready smile were always so amazing to me. "Daddy!" I said and ran straight for him. He let a large smile escape his lips, as he lifted me in the air, and spun me. My feet touched the ground, and I looked back up at him "What are we doing today?" He said, raising an eyebrow. I pondered for a minute "Can we go look in the garden again today?" I said pridefully "Of course my little princess, but first I have some business to take care of" I let out a loud sigh and folded my arms "Don't give me that malice attitude," He said, with a hint of annoyance in his tone. I let out a large fake smile "Ok Daddy"


We went out to the Royal stable. it was a small area with about ten or twelve horses. Only one stood out to me. The pure white stallion. He was only a baby, but he reminded me of the mountains I had seen in pictures. Father lifted me onto his horse, that he had named 'Epona' after the ancient Hero of Time's horse We trotted down a path for about twenty minutes Until a large building appeared through the trees. I saw a few furnaces with glowing blue flames filling them. As we got closer to the door, I could see an eye on the door. It was a golden eye. It almost looked like it was crying.

My Father opened the door "Ah your highness" I heard a woman say, I looked to the left and seen a middle-aged woman turn the corner. She had white hair, though she wasn't old. She wore Orange-red glasses. And had beautiful eyes. They almost seemed animated "Purah, this is my daughter Zel-" She smiled largely "This is the young Princess? My apologies. I almost forgot about your gift" She said excitedly "Present?!" I said happily. I rarely got attention, from anyone. Due to my parents running a country.

"Yes! I would never forget about you" She said and smiled. I felt so happy at that moment. Father was talking with a short energetic man at a table. As I was with Purah, walking towards a table. I looked and seen many other people working at desks "What is this place?" I said curiously "This is the Royal Ancient tech lab. We work on ancient Sheikah artifacts here" She said cheerfully "She-kah?" I said confused "Yes. You see, there are more than just Hylian's in this world" she said, pulling something from her hip.

She touched it, and it began to glow. The same eye symbol covered the screen. She slid her finger down the center. It unlocked, showing pictures "There are five main species in this land of Hyrule," She said pointing to a picture. "This is a Zora" I looked at the picture, and whispered to myself "Zora.." she slid her finger again "Rito" she showed a picture of a human-sized bird. I studied the figure "This is a Goron, an only male tribe" I couldn't help but laugh. The Goron looked like a giant ball. She shushed me, giggling at my immaturity. And slid her finger again "This is a Gerudo" She showed me a picture of a tall woman "Isn't this a Hylian?" I said confused "No, you see Zelda. The Gerudo are a female only tribe. Male are prohibited from entering their city" I nodded " Gently took the object from her hands. She allowed me to do so "What is this thingy?" I said looking at it from all angles

"That... That is called a Sheikah Slate" I smiled. I liked that name. It suited properly "It's your seventh birthday present!" She said quite loudly. Everyone looked at her, some confused, some upset. Especially father "Purah, my daughter cannot keep that machine! We don't know what dangers you Sheikah are hiding" He said, anger in his voice. For some reason that made me angry. He didn't even know Purah that well, he based her entire ancestry on the technology they possessed. Purah backed down "Father! How could you be so vile! Didn't you tell me not to have a Malice attitude? It's my seventh birthday! I'm a big girl now!" I said bravely. Most people wouldn't live to see the next day, he sighed. And started to laugh "Purah... I apologize, my young daughter has more wisdom than I, the King himself do" Purah had a look of relief wash over her face

"Your Majesty!!" I and my father turned to the door as it burst open. Everyone fell silent "Yes? What is it?" He said slightly concerned. For some reason, I felt like something was wrong.
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