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Chapter Two

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Zelda's father was informed that the Queen (Zelda's Mother) was the reason he rushed over. Zelda quickly makes the decision to go to the castle herself.

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I felt this strange feeling inside. Like something was wrong "It's the Queen" The guard said, his eyes filled with sadness and terror. My heart sank, I felt this strange sadness,. Like someone had taken your heart and slowly crushed it in their palm. I watched as my father ran outside. And got onto his horse. As he quickly shook the reigns, and rode off toward the castle.

I fell to my knees. "Mother" I quietly whispered. What was wrong with her. Something was wrong. This wasn't right. Purah ran over and picked me up, I cried on her shoulder. As if the world was collapsing. Because for me it was.

We got to the Castle as quicky as possible. I ran up the stairs, I didn't even bother waiting for the guards. I didn't walk like a proper princess. Because all of it was meaning less to me at this moment. I pushed past the Guards, and my Father. I grabbed onto my mothers hand "Mama!" I whisper shouted, tears rolling down my cheeks "Don't go.." She was pale. Really pale. I felt a soft grip on my shoulder, I looked behind me to see Urbosa. I quickly turned and hugged her as tightly as I could. She did the same.

But I knew I had to stop crying. This wasn't how I was supposed to behave. I took a deep breath, and faced my mother "Zelda... Please, don't rush. Live a happy life..." I smiled, tears forming in my eyes "You have taught me so much mother" I said choking on my own words "The three Golden Goddesses have a plan my darling. For they will guide you" I realized what was happening "M-mother" she smiled, and touched my cheek "Wisdom... Will guide the way" Her hand trembled, and fell softly beside her on the bed. I took in a deep breath, but I couldn't control it. Tears started to flow.

I watched as Urbosa broke down in tears in front of me. She was my mothers best friend. I knew now she was part of the Gerudo tribe. But for some reason I felt an urge. I got up, and ran. I raced past the guards who tried to stop me. I ran to my room and took out my present from Purah. I deleted all the pictures recently on it.

I stepped outside my room, and walked down the staircase. All the guards were no longer standing around. The whole kingdom was in a state of grief, but for some reason. I felt like all the weight was off of my shoulders. As if maybe the Goddess Din was supporting me. Though I knew this wasn't possible. It was fun to wonder. I went into the rainy courtyard. And seen a single flower. With it being night, the flower was glowing. I approached it and touched its mesmerising petals. I ran my fingers down its stem, and got a grip on it

"Don't do it" I heard a voice call out. I turn around and see Purah standing there, she looked just as sad as I was. She sighed "I-I know you probably don't care right now... But that flower is on the verge of extinction" I look down to the grass "It's called the Silent Princess, we are working on extracting a seed from a living one, but it doesn't seem possible at the moment" I nodded, and looked into her eyes "Is it bad... That I don't feel as sad as I should?" She looked as if she knew the answer off the top of her head

"Of course not... That mean's that your Mother is helping you recover already" She said pointing above her, smiling. Suddenly the rain stopped. I was a little startled, but I simply smiled. Knowing it had to be mothers doing. "Zelda, do you wish to come back to the Lab? Nobody but us will be there, i'll send word to the King?" She said smiling, raising an eyebrow. "Yes please!" I said hastily. I really wanted to be away from this place. I couldn't handle all the sad people. it hurt too much to watch.
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