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Danny's Savior

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Originally posted on Danny has some kids, but there are a few problems: They don't know they're half ghost, they don't know he's half ghost, and their dad Danny is missing. How will...

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Hey! I'm new to this website, but I'm a long time user, so I'm pretty familiar with how this works. This story was the first story I ever uploaded to FF, so it's not too good, but here it is away. Enjoy!

I, 12-year-old Katie McDonald, sit on our family couch watching Danny Phantom. As the theme song plays, I sigh.

"Why did they have to cancel Danny Phantom?" I ask.

"Because it's the stupidest show ever," says my big sister, Kailey, never looking up from her Justin Bieber magazine.

"Shut up, Kailey!It is not! I wish it wasn't over," I say.

"So you have wished it, so it shall be."

"What the heck was that?" I ask my big sister.

"The TV, duh," Kailey responds to my question.

"But Desiree doesn't appear until episode 6! This is episode 1! Why on earth is th-" Istart to say, but I'm cut off by the house shaking violently.

"Katie! What are you doing? Knock! It! Off!" Kailey screams finally putting down the magazine.

My big brother, Eric, and my little sister, Karli, run into the room. Just then, a green vortex takes us out, and my life goes black.
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