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Axl realizes that some lessons are to be learn alone.

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Author's Note: I hope you've enjoyed this story! I plan to write another and decided it was time to end this one...I had lost muse for it and it had gone on long enough! A new story will be coming soon!

Chapter 16: Epilogue

Axl sat in the window sill of his bedroom, staring out at the ocean. It had been exactly a year since he sent Stella out of his life and had decided it was okay to be alone. The sting of being alone again and allowing the woman he thought was the one walk out of his life was hard, almost unbearable. Had it not been for none other than Duff McKagan.
Just as always, Duff had been right there to pick Axl back up and piece him back together. This left Axl feeling close to Duff just as he had when they were young and had found himself looking for excuses to be around his old friend and to go out with other friends he’d made along the way. It was during this time that he had found he felt good about himself again and the sting of being alone was gone now that he had his friends and adopted family to surround him.
In the year that he’d been on his own, Axl had learned that some people were meant to be in his life for only a short time and to teach him a lesson. He knew now that the company of a woman, or a person to cling to was not the answer. He could manage on his own and be his own person without feeling empty.
Life had a funny way of teaching lessons, but for the first time in a long time…Axl was ready to let the lessons happen.
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