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Entry 2

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Their first battle. Almost instantly, too. The Austrian army decided to do a human wave assault? Suicidal with the weaponry at hand. And it was.

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November 27, 1915

Nel fuoco, as my father would say. Into the fire, already. The Austrians have already tried to charge us. All of them were shot down, well before they were close to us. The Perinos’ let us keep firing as long as we need. The two man team consists of someone shooting, and someone loading the stripper clips into the box. Together, they are ambassadors of death. They bring down men quicker than they can blink. It is a terrifying and mesmerizing sight, seeing the Austrians fall, and the loading men stack clip upon clip into the boxes, hearing the machine gun fire. We have sustained no casualties, while the Austrian force has fallen. We are celebrating the victory, yet we do it silently. No one wants to think of the families they had. Not even a single soul wanted to do that, but they would’ve killed us if they got close enough. It was both self defense, and murder. I cannot decide which one it was more of, though.
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