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Entry 3

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One of Ermete’s longest entries. It details some of the men he became close friends with, during the war.

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November 28, 1915

We were awoken to the sound of artillery fire. Both us and the Austrians lobbed shells at each other. All we can make out from it is that we’ll be attacked once the guns fall silent. We await for this, we have our rifles cleaned, the machine gun teams are ready, and we talk of our personal lives. Valter Giannino, a well built man with prominent features, tells of his home and family back in Turin, where he played for Torino F.C. for a year, then joined up with his friend, Alonzo D’amore, a smaller man, with a good sense of humor. I, alongside mio fratello, Arsenio, joined with Vittore, our friend since childhood. We all have been making fast friends with each other, all of us having a common interest: a love of films. But, we knew that the friendly conversing had to be halted when we heard the guns falling silent. This time, the Austrians did take a few shots, but only one grazed a man. But, the assault was stopped, yet again. We fired at what we could see, knowing our trusty Carcano would hit a man from 700 meters, accurately. Valter got one man, and Vittore got two. After the assault was repelled, and we were sure that there wasn’t any Austrians left, we went out to scavenge. It was my turn, and a man by the name of Silvano. We climbed over the sandbags, and onto the killing fields. As we looked, we talked. Silvano was a Frenchman who had immigrated here before the war happened. His family settled down in Sondrio, only a few miles away from the lines. He signed up immediately when Italy took action. But before we knew it, we were back, and with ample supplies, and some souvenirs. We had found three Gasser’s, a good deal of soft, Austrians caps, and a find that I kept, a Mauser C96. What a beautiful gun, it is. It was finely crafted, with a big enough bullet to put a man down with only one shot. Everyone wanted to see it, and I made sure to keep a good eye on it, making sure someone doesn’t try and stop off with it. But no man in this camp is like that. After everyone had a good admire of it, they handed it back, congratulating me on the find. We are of good cheer. And that includes those who did not get a souvenir to bring back home. We all pray that will be soon.
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