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Entry 4

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For a war outpost, the men sure have it well. Movies were a precious commodity during that time, and that’s not just the war. It’s imaginable that they’d do anything to keep that outpost. Any...

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November 29, 1915

The winter days are setting in. Yet, they persist. Another chorus of artillery shells played today, and someone got hurt. Some shrapnel got lodged into his thigh, but the medics were able to get it out quick enough that the wound will most likely not get infected. He’s in better shape, joking about how he was the first one to receive a wound in this bunker, and probably will be the last one dead. We all laughed, knowing that this would probably not be the case. If we were to somehow get overrun, it’d have to be when we run out of ammo. And I doubt that day will come anytime soon, and I doubt it will ever happen, before the war ends. With the scavenged materials we get from each wave, we have yet another day’s worth of ammo, albeit not for the Perinos’, but the rifles the Austrians use, which are of fine quality, but not as trusty as ours’. We joke, we laugh, we eat, we are merry. We are happy to be defending this place, for it is of such importance, that we are being supplied with good food, ammo, weapons, and, most importantly, the best entertainment: film. We have a small projector down in the lower part of the dugout. There, we are able to watch movies in mostly quiet. The films they bring are wonderful, from comedies to dramas, there’s always something that someone likes. We’d fight to the death for this place not because we must, but because it is a piccolo pezzo di paradiso, our little paradise. We love it enough that we’ll fight to our last breath for it. And we’re fine with it, though we doubt that the day will come where we must fight to the death.
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