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Entry 7

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The new arrival seems to have gotten a suspicious welcome. Seems there’s a lot to him. And an arrival of civilian photographers... where have the pictures gone, then? But could that man, Kaj Nier...

Category: Historical - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Angst,Drama - Warnings: [V] - Published: 2018-04-13 - 235 words

December 2, 1915

Again, it is quiet. The shells weren’t thrown, the Austrians didn’t come, and we enjoy our silence. We tell of more stories about our lives before the war. Yet, the man with the look in his eyes gave such a vague life story. All he said was that he lived somewhere in Sicily, and joined because he wanted to get away from his family. Rumor has gone around that he was a murderer, or a criminal, who joined to escape the law. He goes by the name of Kaj Nieri, which is of Swedish heritage. Everyone is now off put by him, but everyone has a different reason. His personality, his looks, his actions, his mindset, but the look in his eye is what I see, alone. Many civilians have come to our area, taking pictures, getting stories about what is happening, and generally being a nuisance to us all. We do not want them here, for they are not used to war. They will shrivel in terror when the shells fly, and they will praise us for killing innocent people. The idea of patriotism is planted in their minds, and it has grown into it like a weed. They do not know what it is like, at all. No one but us, the Austrians, and all the other participants in this damnable war know what it is like, and us only.
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