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Entry 8

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It was typical for soldiers to criticize their officers. Many didn’t know how to fire a rifle, let alone a firearm. But no documented records tell of an officer being this open, or accepting. But...

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December 3, 1915

They caught us off guard, but we were quick to respond. The Austrians did not shell us, but they did come at us. Our performance against a surprise attack was sloppy, according to one of our officers. But he cannot talk. We asked him to fire a rifle, and he tried. He made a fool of himself by trying, though. He fell backwards when he finally figured out how to pull the bolt back, let a round come up, then push it forwards, check to make sure the round was sealed, and then fired. We all had a good laugh, but he did, too. He said that he was never taught how to fire a rifle, nor a firearm. So, we taught him. Now, he’s hitting small rocks from 500 yards away. His name is Kit Fabron, and his Italian is good, but one can tell he wasn’t born here. He was born in America, and came to Italy in 1900, as to climb the Alps, and make a living off of being a tour guide. He joined because he knew his experience would be useful on the front. He did not expect to end up “sitting on my ass, and watching the Austrians die, wave by wave”. He told of the wonders that America had, but also of its flaws. Discrimination against races was what he ranted about the most, though. What a load of shit, he said, we need not to be such dimwits against other American citizens, with their own rights. We laughed about it, as we told him of what we had heard about America. I can still hear him firing, and joking with the others.
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