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Entry 9

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Someone died that day. It was typical for artillery to be the death of most men. It was the weapon that took the most lives in World War One.

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December 4, 1915

One man died today. An artillery shell managed to lodge a piece of metal as big as a man’s foot into his skull. At least he died quickly. But the Austrian troops didn’t get anywhere close to us when they charged. We halted the charge at what appears to be 500 meters. My belief is that we were filled with un ardente disprezzo. I was. Our poor man had died, and they were responsible for it. They killed an innocent man, and although we kill many innocent men, our brothers are more important to us than anyone else. Arsenio and Silvano are currently digging him a grave. Although it is difficult to dig in the frozen ground, they do, because a peaceful resting is better than a quick death. Riposi in pace, Fratello. Che la vostra anima possa trovare il riposo eterno.
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