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Entry 16

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Seems that “They” was Ermete’s own group members. They must’ve tripped the alarm. Trench Raids had that happen, from time to time. It depended on the speed the raiders silenced the men in t...

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December 11, 1915

I and two others are the only returning survivors of a company of eight. But we have some documents, which I made out what I could on them. The Austrians food sources are running scarce. If we are valiant, and we stay here, and play a game of attrition, we will win. But I’m afraid command doesn’t think like that. Another offensive was launched today. They failed. But then the Austrians put up a counter-offensive. They broke through the lines, but only momentarily. They are now among the dead in the trench. We have looted what we would need off of them, and we want to bury both our fallen, and them. But command says that is not what we are to do. I disagree. I am digging a grave right now, for a man I have known since I’ve first got here. I have said a prayer for him, and everyone else. Though we may wear different uniforms, and we fight for something different, we are still people underneath. Why can’t we see past that?


They came,
They saw.

They lived,
They died.

They failed,
They fell.

They grieved,
They starved.

They cried,
We cried.
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