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Entry 17

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It was not typical for a day to be silent on the front. But when it did happen, the soldiers took it as a day to rest, ponder, and rejoice in their living.

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December 12, 1915

All quiet, today. There were no offensives made. Rarely did one hear the sounds of gunfire or detonating shells. It is a much needed rest. Many are exhausted, but am not. I am just sore all over. My feet are the worst. I do not have trench foot, but it feels like it. Some other man has it, though. His feet look rotten, but he does not care. The doctors say that he needs them amputated, but he declines every time. He does not want to be taken out of the war. I don't know why he doesn’t. It is an utter hell, here. Meglio vivere in quiete rispetto a morire in onore.

Silence rings.

Not a thing breaks it,

even the birds who sing.

All we do is sit.

Sit and wait for it,

to be broken.
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