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Entry 19

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So, he was sent back. The timing was perfect, as the trench he was in wasn’t shelled three days after that date, according to records from the site. But the poem he wrote. The title translates to...

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December 14, 1915

Thank God. They are letting me go back. I have packed my belongings, and I am currently heading out. I will go back the way I came, and I will be happy for it. I wish to see Arsenio, to show him that I am fine. I wish for the comforts of the outpost. I wish to see everyone, and fight with them. I wish to mourn with them all. I do not, however, want to see Him. That man, Nieri. He is in the back of my mind like a fly is stuck inside one’s house. Small, but annoying.

Il Guardiano di mio Fratello
Thrown into this world,
I was confused, scared,
mine own terrors come unfurled,
and I know I am despaired,

but stand by me,
oh sweet brother of mine,
let us see,
that fine line.

The line of peace,
the line of death,
the line that will cease,
when we breathe our last breath.


Keep me close,
lest we perish,
but through it, it shows,
this life, we must cherish.

And when we stand,
at those glistening gates,
may we enter the land,
where we see what awaits.

Or should we triumph,
over this barren, wasted hell,
like a lion,
we have not fell.

And should we return,
from this forsaken war,
we will still turn,
away from the prewar.

Stand by me,
oh brother of mine!
Let us stay free,
from the mighty fine.
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