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Entry 20

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The survival of friends is a cause for celebration in war. The Great War made it a true celebration. Coming back from the Front was enough of a celebration, to some. The after party was returning t...

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December 15, 1915

I am back, and I am glad for it. Everyone is. I have told them what had happened at the front, and what I had to experience. None of them wanted me to go through it, and I wouldn’t want anyone else to go through it. But Nieri, he listened with a look in his eyes that made me curious. Not scared, not suspicious, just… curious. I dare not ask him about it, though. I do not know how he might act, or what he might say. But I thank the Gods I am back. Valter, Alonzo, Vittore, Silvano, and Arsenio all made a feast for dinner. I can already smell it. It is such a wonderful scent.
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