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Entry 22

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Christmas was freezing in the Alps. Joy among soldiers at that time was only between each other. The only documented place where a laying down of arms happened was on the Western Front, between Bri...

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December 25, 1915

Buon Natale, we said to each other. The snow is falling, everything is quiet, and we have gotten letters from back home. Some even got gifts. One man got a box of cigars, and I can smell the smoke from them, even now. Another man got some mighty fine boots. They are of such quality, that he only wears them where there is no mud. But Arsenio and I got many letters. I still have a few more to read. But, we all have each other, most importantly. That was a true gift. Even Nieri seems a little more joyful, now. The real surprising thing was when a few Austrians came by. No weapons, just welcoming arms. Tomorrow, I hear, there will be no attacks, on either side. Another day of peace is what everyone needs. And we will have it.

Bianco Natale
Col bianco tuo candor, neve
Sai dar la gioia ad ogni cuor,
è Natale ancora
La grande festa
Che sa tutti conquistar.
Un canto vien dal ciel, lento
Che con la neve dona a noi
Un Natale pieno d'amor
Un Natale di felicità.
Tu, neve scendi ancor lenta
Per dare gioia ad ogni cuor,
Alza gli occhi
E guarda lassù,
è Natale non soffrire più.

Quel lieve tuo candor, neve
Discende lieto nel mio cuor...

Tu, dici nel cader neve
Il cielo devi ringraziar,
Alza gli occhi
E guarda lassù,
è Natale non soffrire più.
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