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Entry 23

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The Beast so commonly talked about after 1915 had a habit of tearing victims limb from limb, or just blatantly killing them. It was a quick, yet horrible death. Men in the War were never used to it.

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December 27, 1915

Our missing man have been found. The pieces of him, that is. From just the first glance one can tell it was un animale. The poor man has been almost fully devoured. There is little left on him. But no one knows what animal would’ve done it. Un urso? Un lupo? Unlikely. Though it could’ve been scavenging animals, they would have taken everything, including his eyes. But they were still there. It seems that he was eaten piece by piece, but certain parts were not eaten because of preference. That is what I believe, though. But others believe something else is out there. They talk of fairy tales, things of myth. Three men speak of un Loup Garou. Only those men talk about it. The rest of us believe in actual causes, not children’s tales. They are myths, nothing more than that. Nieri is quiet about this, though. I have a feeling he was involved. And I can’t shake that feeling, either.

Nobody Knows
A murderer, a thief.
Nobody knows what he is.

A stranger, a mystery.
Nobody knows who he is.

A griever, a mourner.
Nobody knows how he is.

A veteran, a newcomer.
Nobody knows when he is.

A shadow, a silhouette.
Nobody knows where he is.

A mute, a bystander.
Nobody knows why he is.
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