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It Started As Just A Normal Day

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The CMC go to the castle library

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Just a normal day in Ponyville everypony's going about their daily routines. Twilight and Spike are away on business in Canterlot, so there’s not much going on at the castle. Rarity had gotten an order for some costumes for a musical in Manehattan and is hard at work in getting all of them completed on time. It’s officially the first day of Applebuck season and Applejack couldn't be any more excited. Rainbow Dash is preparing herself for her very first tour with the Wonderbolts. At first she wasn't sure about leaving her friends and home for so long to travel all around Equestria. But after a while her friends finally convinced her to go along with them, and if they ever need her back Twilight can magically teleport her back to Ponyville in a flash literally. She had recently learned a new teleportation spell that can teleport anypony from anywhere in Equestria. Pinkie Pie will be joining the Cakes on a trip to Fillydelphia to cater a party for a big family so they’re going to be gone for a few days. Luckily Miss Cheerilee offered to take care of Pumpkin Cake and Pound Cake while they’re gone. Fluttershy is going about her normal day taking care of her animals while receiving a few visits from Discord. Everypony's been active doing what they can to keep busy.

While on the other hoof three little fillies in a treehouse on Sweet Apple Acres are bored stiff with nothing to do. Applebloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo, The Cutie Mark Crusaders have gone through their cutie mark list for today and are sitting around with nothing to do hoping to find something to do with the other ponies and hadn’t planned a list for the whole day, but only half. They had completely forgotten that the others had their own things to do and are sitting around the clubhouse completely bored.

Then finally Sweetie Belle broke the silence,

“UHHG! This is so boring! What are we supposed to do if we’re not thinking of ideas to get our cutie marks.”

Applebloom face hoofed herself

“I already told ya Sweetie Belle. We hadn’t planned on everypony else be’in busy ta’day.”

Then in an instant an idea suddenly popped into Scootaloo’s head and she shouted,

“I’VE GOT IT!!!”

“If ya mean painfully ringing ears. Than ya so do we.”

Applebloom and Sweetie Belle both rubbed their ears Scootaloo jumped off her stool and trotted over to them

“Nono I mean I have an idea of what we can do today instead of just lounging around the clubhouse.”

“Well then, what is it?” Sweetie Belle looked at her confused.

“Why don’t we go over to the castle and check out what new books Twilight's got? Maybe we’ll find something that can help us finally get our CUTIE MARKS! What do you think?”

Sweetie Belle started bouncing up and down

“OH WOW! That’s a great idea Scootaloo! I am so in on it! What about you Applebloom?”

Applebloom was having her doubts about this idea but seeing she’s obviously outnumbered in votes agrees.

“E’m not so sure it’s a good idea to go barg’in into Twilight’s castle while she’s still in Canterlot…But since we are just gonna be look’in at books I don’t see any harm in that so...E’m in!”

All three shouted


Applebloom trotted to the front of the door and turned to face her friends

“Alrighty Cutie Mark Crusaders we are off to Twilight’s castle.”

Trotting out the clubhouse the CMC head into town straight to Twilight’s castle. But just before they left Applebloom left a note on the table saying that they’re going to the castle in case somepony comes looking for them.

. . .

At Princess Twilight’s castle, the CMC got a little too excited to get started and rush through the front doors without knocking and head straight to the library.

“Alrighty Crusaders let’s get started everypony grab some books and start reading.”

Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo gave a solute spread out to different corners of the library and started grabbing books off the shelves, not realizing that they basically just broke into the castle without asking. Applebloom looked up a bit to Owlicious with a disapproving look. She looked over to Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo then back to Owlicious bringing a hoof up to her mouth.

“I know I know. We should’in of just come barg’in in here like this. But Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo really want ta do this they really think that we might be able to find our special talent and get our cutie marks from one of these here books. Not ta mention I was basically outnumbered in votes. It was either me let em come here by em selve’s and get in trouble but not me. Or go along with the group and at least we all get in trouble together. It just wouldn't be right ta leave em alone like that. Please don’t be mad.”

Owlicious simply hooted then flew out the library. Applebloom sighed to herself wiped the little bit of sweat from her forehead then turned back to her book. Maybe we should’in of come here by ourselves. she sighed, I'm suppose to be the responsible one of the group...and yet here we are in the castle library with no adult ponies around. Not to mention we didn’t ask for permission to come in.

This ain’t very responsible ain’t it huh Applebloom?

. . .

Off in another corner of the library Sweetie Belle was looking through a whole bunch of spell books really wanting to improve on her magic skills. One book was really getting her attention with so many spells she's dying to try out. Hhm. Maybe just one spell won’t hurt. She turned back the pages to one spell in particular a teleportation spell her horn glowed as she read through the spell.


Sweetie Belle’s horn started glowing even brighter lighting up everything as her magic took the form of a giant tornado spinning everything and every filly. Applebloom tried to give Sweetie Belle a good glare but being tossed around like a rag doll was making that one task extremely difficult. Spinning around in the tornado of magic and books she shouted to Sweetie Belle



Sweetie Belle was trying her hardest to stop the tornado before her friends got hurt.


Scootaloo shot back in anger.


Suddenly a giant portal appeared above them and began sucking the girls inside. But before being pulled through Sweetie Belle used the best of her abilities to grab all the magical spell books she was reading in hope that wherever they end up she can use them to get back home.
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