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Chapter 14 New Member

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Finn finds out Brooke can sing and tries to convince her to join Glee club. Things change between two characters.

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“You can sing?”

Brooke looks up at Finn to see his mouth still hanging open and eyes wide of shock.

“Yes I can sing. Now can we forget about it?”

“Why? You’re amazing.”

“Cause I like doing fashion and I’m not into the whole singing thing.”

“We could use you.”


“The glee club. The glee club could use you for sectionals.”

Brooke looks up at Finn and shakes her head rapidly. Finn takes a step forward about to say something when Brooke stops him. “No, no I can’t help you. I can’t sing.”

“Why not Brooke? Your talented and we could use you to win. Glee club could really use your voice.”

“Cause I don’t want to. Now please forget about this. Please Finn.”

Brooke looks up at Finn then quickly walks out of the choir room.


Home, Brooke’s Room

After leaving Finn, Brooke came straight home to her bed. She curled up rocking slightly. She thought about what happened. ‘Everything was going okay she was helping Finn practice then all of a sudden she opened her mouth to sing along. Why did she sing along?’

Brooke was pulled from her thoughts when Puck came in the room and sat on her bed. From the look he had, it looked like Finn told him. ‘Did they tell eachother everything that happens to me?’

“Brooke, Finn told me what happened this afternoon.”

Brooke looked up and decided to play dumb. “I don’t know what your talking about. I didn’t see Finn today.”

“Don’t play dumb Brooke, I know you saw Finn today and I know he caught you singing.”

Brooke decides to tell the truth, “fine, yes I saw Finn and he caught me singing whoop de do big deal.”

“The big deal is this entire time you can sing and we wasted our time looking for more singers to join glee club when we had you. We could use you to win Sectionals Brooke.”

Brooke looks down hurt, ‘is that all I am, something for Finn, Puck and The Glee Club to use to win?’

“At least think about it Brooke, cause we could really use all the help we can get,” Puck said and then walked out of the room leaving Brooke to think if she should join Glee Club and sing for her bestfriends Kurt and Puck and her boyfriend Finn.


Brooke decided that she will be apart of Glee and help them win. So after making this decision she texted Kurt, Puck and Finn to meet her in the Auditorium to tell them the news.

School, Auditorium

When Brooke arrived at the auditorium she saw that Puck and Finn were already here with their back to her. All they were missing was Kurt.

Brooke heads up the stairs and shouts, “HEY PUCKBEAR, HEY DRUMMERBOY.”

From Brooke shouting Puck and Finn both turned around and looked like they jumped out of their skin. After they both calmed down Finn respond to Brooke, “hey Brooke, why’d you texted us to meet you here?”

“Well I thought about what you both said and I choose to join Glee Club and help you guys win,” saying this Finn and Puck both ran and hugged Brooke. From both of the guys hugging her she felt breathless, but happy. Pulling away Brooke asks the guys, “so what song should I use for my Glee audition?”

Finn and Puck decided Brooke should sing the song Need You Now by Lady Antebellum with Puck.

Thursday, 2:41 pm
Glee Club

School got let out less than a minute ago and the choir room was already getting filled up and Brooke and Puck were working on getting everything ready for them to sing.

Puck taps Brooke and asks if she’s ready. Brooke answered with a nice nod. During that exchange Mr. Schue came into the choir room and began the start of Glee Club.

“Whats up guys, how’s everybody doing?” Mr. Schue says while rubbing his hands together. “Today we have a someone auditioning to Glee Club, so lets put are hands together for Brooke Davis singing Need You Now by Lady Antebellum with our friend Puckerman,” Mr. Schue finished clapping his hands. (Sorry if this is not how Mr. Schue talks).

Brooke and Puck move to the middle of the choir room, Puck starts to play the guitar.

Picture perfect memories
Scattered all around the floor
Reaching for the phone 'cause, I can't fight it anymore

(Brooke and Puck)
And I wonder if I ever cross your mind

For me it happens all the time

(Brooke and Puck)
It's a quarter after one, I'm all alone and I need you now
Said I wouldn't call but I lost all control and I need you now
And I don't know how I can do without, I just need you now

Brooke and Puck make eye contact, Brooke leans a little on Puck and Puck leans back. During this interaction Finn and Quinn is looking at them with a little jealousy and Rachel is giving Brooke a hateful glare.

Another shot of whiskey, can't stop looking at the door
Wishing you'd come sweepin' in the way you did before

(Puck and Brooke)
And I wonder if I ever cross your mind

For me it happens all the time

(Brooke and Puck)
It's a quarter after one, I'm a little drunk, and I need you now
Said I wouldn't call but I lost all control and I need you now
And I don't know how I can do without, I just need you now

(Puck and Brooke)
Whoa oh whoa

(Brooke and Puck)
Guess I'd rather hurt than feel nothing at all

It's a quarter after one, I'm all alone and I need you now

And I said I wouldn't call but I'm a little drunk and I need you now

(Puck and Brooke)
And I don't know how I can do without, I just need you now
I just need you now

Oh baby I need you now ooh ooh

Brooke and Puck finish the song looking at each other. Kurt looks at them with a knowing look, Finn and Quinn looks at them with pure jealousy and Rachel looks at them with pure anger and hatred.

When the music stopped Mr. Schue got up from his chair clapping and says, “well I can say that I speak for everyone that you guys did a amazing job on that performance. Right guys?”

When no one said anything Kurt raised his hand and said, “yeah I agree with Mr. Schue, you guys were fantastic.” Brooke looked up at Kurt and gave him a thankful glance, Kurt nodded back at her.

After Kurt shared his thoughts Rachel thought she should as well so she stood up and said, “well I don’t agree with Mr. Schue.” Before anyone can ask why already knowing the answer Rachel went and stood right in front of Brooke and continued, “I don’t agree because her voice was flat and off pitch. I believe Brooke should stick with designing her froppy distasteful clothes, instead of trying to sing cause her voice make my ears bleed.”

“Rachel I underst…” MR. Schue was interrupted by a very pissed off Puck.

“You know what Rachel? I think Brooke is amazing singer and your just scared that shes going to steal your spot light. Also Mr. Schue I think you should let Brooke sing the duet with Finn at Sectionals.”

“WHAT YOU CAN’T DO THAT! MR. SCHUE,” Rachel screamed causing basically everyone to cover their ears.

After Rachel was done yelling Mr. Schue uncovered his hands and said, “I’m not going to make a decision right now, I’ll make it later when we have auditions. So for now calm down please.”

Rachel was not happy with the response she got from Mr. Schue so she let out an angry sound and walked out of the room slamming the door.

Mr. Schue let out a frustrated sigh and continued where he left off trying to ease the tension.


After glee club Kurt wanted to talk to Brooke so they went to Bread Sticks because they were both hungry.

¨Okay Kurt what is it you wanted to ask me?¨ Brooke asked while taking a drink of her lemonade.

¨Do you have feelings for Puck?¨ Kurt asked getting straight to the point.

Brooke spit out her lemonade and starting coughing a little then asked, ¨What?¨

¨Do you like Puck?¨ Kurt asked again.

Brooke looked at Kurt like he was crazy then shook her head rapidly. ¨No, no I don´t like Puck like that. Why would you ask something like that?¨

¨I saw the way you looked at him during the song.¨

¨Yeah and how did I look at him?¨ Brooke question.

¨You looked at him in a way a friend isn't supposed to.¨ Kurt answered.

¨Well I don't like Puck like that.¨


After that discussion Brooke and Kurt ended up talking about Brooke´s clothing line that she's been working on, they decided that they should throw a fashion show concert type thing to show off Brookes clothes.

Brooke also decided Kurt should be part of her clothing business as part owner.
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