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Chapter 13 You Can Sing?

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Brooke meets Blaine, Kurt's friend at the coffee shop. (Klaine will happen don't worry). Finn asks for Brookes help on a solo. When Finn's singing he finds out something that no one else knew.

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Chapter 13 You Can Sing?

After the party, Brooke ended up sleeping on the couch. In the morning when she woke up she had a massive headache and was way too sick to drive home so she called Puck.

Santana Ended up sleeping with some random guy and left early in the morning.


5 weeks since the party.

It’s Saturday, Kurt asked Brooke to meet him at the coffee shop so they could talk and so she can meet his friend Blaine.

At Coffee Shop

Brooke walks into the coffee shop to see Kurt waiting at a table with a guy wearing some uniform. Brooke heads over to the table and sits down.

“Hey Kurt.”

“Hey Brooke, this is my friend Blaine. Blaine this is one of my best friends Brooke.”

Brooke sticks out her hand says hi. Blaine shakes her hand and says hi back.

When introductions are over Kurt asks if anyone wants anything. Brooke asks for a frappuccino. Blaine asks for regular coffee. When Kurt got all the requests, he heads over to the counter to order leaving Brooke and Blaine alone.

“So,” Brooke starts. “How’d you and Kurt meet?”

“Well I ran into him at school. He was looking around while I was headed to my Glee Club meeting.”

“Wait, your school has a Glee Club too? Are you serious? What’s with all these singing groups? They didn’t have any back in Tree Hill.”

“Tree Hill?”

“Oh that’s where I used to live. Before I moved here.”

“Why did you move here?”

“Well—” Brooke was cut off by Kurt coming back and handing out the drinks.

“Here you guys are,” Kurt says sitting down in his seat. “What were you guys talking about?”

“Oh we were talking about you and Glee Clubs.”

“What about me?” Kurt asks looking up to you.

Blaine answer before Brooke gets a chance.
“Just about how we met.”

“Okay. Well Blaine——”

Brooke stops listening when she sees a text from Finn.

Drummerboy: hey babe.

Brooke: hi boyfriend.

Drummerboy: you busy?

Brooke: no,why?

Drummerboy: I wanted to know if you could help me practice the solo.

Brooke: sure I love help. Where do you wanna meet?

Drummerboy: choir room.

Brooke: Okay meet you there. Let me just say bye to Kurt first.

Drummerboy: wait your with Kurt?

Brooke: yeah we met up for coffee and I met his friend Blaine. Which BTW has the hots for Kurt.

Drummerboy: how do you know?

Brooke: Finn a girl knows these things. See you soon.

Drummerboy: Bye.

Brooke turns off her phone and turns to Kurt and Blaine. She sees Kurt talking and Blaine listening while looking at Kurt with a longing stare. Brooke knows that stare very well. It goes back to her time with Lucas, but also to the beginning of her and Finn.

Brooke hates to interrupt this moment, but she has to go. Brooke grabs her bag and things and looks to them.

“Hey guys, I have to get going to meet Finn.”

Kurt’s turns to you and says, “wait, why?”

“Finn needs help on working with the solo so I’m going to go help him. Anyways you two seem pretty occupied at the moment, you don’t need me ruining your guys time together. BTW you guys are adorable, I ship it”

Kurt and Blaine both go red and look down. Avoiding eye contact with the other. Brooke noticed this and says, “oh calm down you guys I was just joking.” She goes to Kurt’s ear and whispers, “I totally ship it. You go Kurt.”

Once finished Brooke pulls back grabs her things and walks to the door. She turns back and waved bye and walks out.


Choir room

Brooke heads inside the choir room to see Finn dancing around. Finn doesn’t seem to notice her so she continues to watch. When it seems like Finns done she starts to clap.

“Woah go Finn. Shake those hips.”

Finn abruptly jumps and turns around to see Brooke. He looks down at the ground to try and hide the blush.

“How long have you been standing there?”

“Not long. Don’t worry.”

Brooke goes up to Finn and kisses him. Finn leans in more kissing back.

What seems like forever they finally pull apart. Brooke looks up at Finn and smiles. Finn looks back at her and smiles back like always.

“Hi drummerboy.”

“Hey babe.”

“So what’s the song you’re working on?”

“The songs called ‘Faithfully’. I need to get the note right. So can you help me?”

“Of course. Let me see the song first.”

Finn hands Brooke the song sheet. She looks over all of the song and nods her head.

“Okay let’s get started. Sing only your parts, ignore the ones Rachel sings.”


“1 2 3.”

Finn starts to sing his part.

Highway run
Into the midnight sun.
Wheels go 'round and 'round
You're on my mind.

“Start again a little bit more softer and louder.”

Finn starts again.

Highway run
Into the midnight sun.
Wheels go 'round and 'round
You're on my mind.

Without thinking Brooke starts to sing Rachel’s part.

Restless hearts
Sleep alone tonight.
Sendin' all my love
Along the wire.

When she finished she saw Finns mouth hanging open.


“You can sing?”
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