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Chapter 12 Party Time

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Brooke and Santana hangout. Brooke goes to a party with Santana. Brooke gets drunk and calls someone.

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Chapter 12 Party Time

Since the meeting in the choir room Brooke has worked nonstop. She’s been getting all the information for the musical Rocky Horror and measuring everyone to get the costumes just right.

Brooke also has been meeting in the choir room while they are having rehearsals so she can gets some help when needed and to have Mr. Schue and a few others check to make sure the costumes are alright.


(Brooke’s in the choir room working on the costumes. The glee club people are finishing up rehearsal.)

Right when Mercedes finished up singing the last song, Brooke was in the corner working on Santana’s costume. She was now working on finishing up sewing on the apron.

Brooke was so caught up in her work she didn’t notice someone walk up in front of her. She was too busy working on the apron being put on right.

Brooke gently bit on her tongue right when she started taking out the costume from the sewing machine.

When Brooke had Santana’s future costume in her lap, she went to get up only to be brought back down by the figure in front of her.

When sat back down in her seat, she looked up to see Santana.

“Hey Santana, what do you need? Came to check on your costume?”

“No I didn’t. I came here to ask if you’ll like to hang out. So, do you?”

“Sure. What are we going to do?”

“You and I are going to a party. So let’s go to my house to get ready. I would go to yours I just don’t want to see Puck, so yeah. Come on.”

“Okay, sure. Let’s go.”


(Santana’s house.)

“Okay, here’s my closest borrow anything you want. I’ll be in the bathroom getting ready.”

With that Santana walked out the room into the hall.

Brooke walked into closet and started looking at the clothes. Once Brooke saw what she wanted to wear she went and started to get ready.



Once Brooke and Santana arrived at the party Santana left to go finds some of her friends leaving Brooke alone at the door.

Brooke stood at the door for a few extra minutes until walking into the crowd looking for a drink. Once finding what she was looking for she started to drink. She ended up finishing it so she got another.

After a while she started to feel a little buzzed, but that didn’t stop her from continuing to drink. She continued to drink up to her 8th cup of beer.

During the drinking, Brooke did some dancing. She danced with random people, sometimes she ended up falling over on them.

Later in the night Brooke went home from the party, she ended up calling someone. She thought it was Finn, so she started talking about how she wished he was here and how much she would like to do some dirty things to him.

She thought she called Finn, but oh boy was she wrong.
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