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Chapter 11 Glee Club

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Brooke and Finn are officially. Kurt talks Brooke into designing for the glee club. Brooke for the first time ever goes into the choir room.

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Chapter 11 Glee Club

So far Finn and I have been dating for 2 months and I still haven't been in the choir room. I've always been curious to see what draws Puck, Kurt and Finn there. Maybe it's the joy of showing off their talent, and proving that there more than a football player or a geek.


Brooke wakes up, showers and puts on black leggings, pink t-shirt and black jacket.

She heads down the stairs, out the front door, taking her backpack, her phone and her car keys.

Brooke gets in her car and drives to go get both Finn and her a cup of coffee.


Brooke makes it to school and heads inside.

Once inside she sees Finn and heads over. She taps on his shoulder and says, “morning boyfriend.” She then leans in and gives him a quick kiss. When she pulls away she then hands him his coffee.

He takes the coffee, looks up at her and smiles. As usual she smiles back.

“Morning girlfriend.”

Finn leans in to kiss you again and she lets him. Brooke wraps her free arm around Finn's neck to pull him closer. They continue making out until someone clears their throat.

Finn and Brooke break apart to see Kurt. Brooke needing to talk to Kurt she quickly leans up to Finn's ear and whispers, “we will finish this later.”

When Brooke finally lets go of Finn she rushes over to Kurt pulling him away.

Once Brooke is sure they're far from Finn she smacks Kurt in the arm.

“Ow.” Kurt shouts, rubbing his arm.

“You deserve that.”

“For what?”

“For interrupting Finn and I.”

“Oh right sorry.”

“It's fine we could always continue what we were doing or what we want to be doing another time. Just promise me, you won't interrupt next time,”

“I promise.”

“Good. Now what did you want?”

“I wanted to see if you would design Glee Clubs costumes for the musical. Cause all we have is old costumes which do not go for the musical theme and I have seen your work, you're amazing. Also I already brought the idea to Mr. Shue. He says he wants the glee club and himself to see your work first. So what do you think?”

“I don't know Kurt.”

“Please, this will be a amazing opportunity for you. Designing the costumes for glee club will sure help your chances for college. Plus you get to hang out with Puck, Finn and I more.”

Brooke thinks it over. Weighing the good side from the bad. Seeing that there's more good than bad she decides to do it.

“Sure, yes I'll design your guys is costumes if Mr. Schue says it's okay.”

The biggest smile Brooke has ever seen comes upon Kurt's face. He laughs and takes Brooke in his arms. Swinging her around. Brooke in the end starts laughing along.


After all the classes Brooke goes to meet Finn at his locker.

When Finn comes, Brooke goes and leans in for a kiss. They kiss for a few minutes then finally break away. Brooke looks up at Finn and smiles. As usual he smiles back.

Once their moment is done, Brooke proceeds to tell Finn about the conversation with Kurt. Finn then goes and does the exact same thing that Kurt did just with more energy.

When the cheating and jumping is done. Finn starts to pull Brooke towards the choir room.

Brooke seeing what he's doing, pulls away and stays where she's at.

Finn turns around to see Brooke and says, “you okay?”

Brooke nodded, takes a deep breath and heads back under Finn's arm.

When they finally get to the choir room Finn looks at Brooke to make sure she's okay. Brooke looks up at Finn and smiles. With that they walk on in.
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