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Chapter 10 Update On Brooke and Finn

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Update on Brooke and Finns relationship and lives.

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Chapter 10 Update On Brooke and Finn

Ever since that night at Breadsticks Finn and Brooke were like attached to each others hips. Never apart. Never unhappy. They both felt good. Yeah some people were upset with them getting together, while others loved the idea.


Dating Brooke not only made Finn more popular, it also made him more happier. He was no longer that sad football player/singer who got his heart broken. He was now that popular, happy guy who was rocking it up in glee, running and scoring for the football team, and falling in love with the school’s new girl from Tree Hill.

Dating Finn not only made Rachel Finn's ex hate her, it also brought the attention of the school's cheerleading coach Sue. It also brought Kurt and Brooke closer.

Being with Finn changed Brooke. She was no longer the school’s slut or the girl who had her heart ripped out by her best friend and her boyfriend. She was now the girl who is popular, cheers for the football team, and who is falling in love with the school's quarterback/drummer boy.
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