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Chapter 9 Flash From the Past, Date Night

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Brooke gets a call from Peyton and feels hurt all over again. Finn and Brooke go on a date.

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Chapter 9 Flash From the Past, Date Night


“Hey Brooke.”

“Peyton,” I say with distaste. “Why you calling?”

“I wanted to see how you were doing and I wanted to find out when you're coming home. I miss Brooke.”

“Well I don't miss you and I am home. Also i'm good, happy even not that you care.”

“Brooke, I……… can we just try to have a nice conversation and put what happened in the past. I know I have.”

“It's easy for you isn't it? Being able to move past the part where you fall in love with my boyfriend twice, go try and steal my boyfriend twice. To lie to my face and act like what you two did was not a big deal. When it reality it is. To rip my heart out twice. To tell me to move past it when it happened twice. You know what Peyton? I really thought you were my best friend but, I guess I was wrong. Everything we've been through was a lie. Our friendship was a lie,” Brooke shuts her eyes and bites her lip to keep from crying. “Do me a favor Peyton, don't call back.”

Once she hung up the phone Brooke falls to the ground crying. When Brooke was crying Puck woke up and came down stairs. He saw her on the floor he quickly ran up to her and took her in his arms. They sat there all night. Brooke crying and Puck holding her close.

Time jump. School/Spanish.

Brooke makes it to second period and sits in her spot next to Finn. She waits for him to come wanting to talk about her call from Peyton.

From what felt like forever Finn finally comes into class. He sits in his normal seat and looks over to Brooke.

Brooke looks into his eyes. She sees worry. Which means Puck may have already told him about her melt down last night.

“Hey Finn.”

“Hey Brooke, Puck told about how you were upset last night. Is everything okay?” Great, he already knew.

“No everything's not okay but, it will be.”

“Wanna talk about it?”

“Not now. How about later at breadsticks? 7:00?”

“It's a date.”

After he said the word date you smile and look down at your hands. A date. You're going on a date with Finn and you couldn't be happier.

Time jump. Home.

Once you made it home from school, you started getting ready for the date. You quickly head into the shower making yourself clean. When out of the shower, you dry off and try to find the perfect outfit.

After about an hour you finally found it. A simple red dress. You put it on and start applying make up.

Time jump. Date night.

When done and ready to go you head out to meet Finn at Breadsticks.

Finally when you get to Breadsticks and park your car, you head to the door.

When inside you look around to find the table Finns sitting at. When located you head over. You see him looking at the menu. To get his attention you coughed. Finn looks your direction.

“Hey Finn, hope I'm not too late.”

“No of course not. You made it just in time,” Finn looks you over and says, “ by the way you look beautiful.”

Brooke looks down trying to hide her blush. While doing so she says, “You don't look too bad yourself.”

After saying that it was his turn to try to hide the blush.

“So I guess you're still wondering what happened last night, right?”

“Of course I'm wondering but, if you don't mind how about we talk about that later. I don't want to ruin the date just yet by making you sad. I don't want to see you sad.”

“Okay. Fine by me. I don't want to ruin tonight either.”

“Okay to start off the date lets play 20 questions. You first.”

“Okay, what's your favorite color?”

Time jump. End of date.
(Sorry guys)

After dinner Finn and Brooke payed half and half for the meal. Once done paying Finn walked Brooke to her car.

“Well tonight was fun. I really hope that we can do that again soon.”

“Ya me too,”



“I like you. A lot.”

“I like you too.”

“Good because that makes it okay to do this.”

Finn leans down to kiss you. You don't stop him. You don't pull away. You kiss back and wrap your arms around him. Enjoying the feeling of his lips touching yours.

What feels like eternity he finally pulls away. Leans his head on yours. Both breathing heavily. You lean in for one last kiss.

You both say goodbye, not realizing someone was watching.
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