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Chapter 8 Ex-Girlfriends

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Brooke confronts Rachel. Brooke and Puck hangout. Brooke gets a call from the past.

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Chapter 8 Ex-Girlfriends

Ever since Finn and I had that moment in Spanish, the girl in the animal sweater has followed me around. Glaring and writing notes. At first I shook it off but then she took it to a whole nother level. Sitting close to me in class, and watching me at my locker. She follows me everywhere and it's kinda creepy. So I decided to confront her when I see her near my locker.

“Hey, can I ask you a question?”


“Okay. What the hell is your problem?”

“What?” She looks confused.

“I asked you what your problem was.”

“What makes you think I have a problem.”

“Well for starters you glare at me every time you see me. You follow me around, watching my every move. And you know I'm kinda sick of it. So again what is your deal with me?”

“Well you stole Kurt and Finn from me. My best friend and my boyfriend.”

“Sweetie I stole no one from you. Kurt I met in Biology. We became friends over fashion. Finn met at Kurt's sleepover. We talked and became friends. Ps you're no longer Finn’s girlfriend from what I heard you cheating skank.”

As soon as I was done I walked on to class ignoring the crowd that was watching us.

Time jump. End of school.


End of the day was finally here and I had no idea what to do. So you head to your locker and start putting your things away. When you close your locker you feel a tap on your shoulder. You turn around to see it's Puck.

“Hey, Puck Bear how you been? I haven't seen much of you lately.”

“Yeah sorry. With football and the glee club I been kinda busy. Sorry.”

“It's okay Puck. I've just missed you that's all.”

“I missed you too Brooke. Hey, I wanted to ask do you want to hang out tonight. Like just you and me, movies, pizza and soda. You don't have to if you're busy.”

“Sure I'll love to. But quick thing, can we add ice cream to that list?”

He laughs then says, “sure.”

“Yay.” I cheer.

Time jump. Home.

Puck and I just came home from the store. We bought a whole bunch of soda and candy and ice cream. We also rented a few movies. The first movie we're watching is 21 Jump Street. It's one of Puck's favorite movies.

After a few movies it starts to get late, so Puck heads up to bed while I stay to think. I think about how my life changed in a good way and how leaving Tree Hill made me feel happy again.

I was interrupted from my thoughts when I hear my phone go off. I quickly hop off the couch and answer the phone.


“Hey Brooke.”
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