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Chapter 7 Old and New Friends

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Brooke sticks up for Kurt. Finn and Brooke become closer. Brooke makes an enemy.

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Chapter 7 New Friends

It’s been a week since Finn and I had that talk during Kurt’s sleepover and I can’t help but think about Finn. I don’t know why but, it felt like me and him bonded in some way. Like us talking about are cheating ex’s and lying best friends brought us together. It’s weird. Oh well time to get ready for school.

Today I'm wearing my black tank top, black jeans and black jacket. I know that's a lot of black but, I'm really not in the mood to go all out today.

Once dressed and ready to go I head down stairs. I grab a cup of coffee, grab my keys and head on out.

(By the way Earlier in the story Brooke got her own car. Just forgot to mention it.)

Time jump. School.

I pull up in the school's parking lot only to see the football team throwing slushies at Kurt. I quickly hop out of my car and run over to Kurt. I get there just in time to stop what was happening.

“Hey asshats, I'll leave Kurt alone if I were you.”

“Why would we do that darling.” One of them said.

“One don't call me darling. Two,” taking a step closer. “If you don't back off I will tell everyone and i mean everyone that each and every one of you have an human papillomavirus infection. And if I were you I would leave. Right now.”

As soon as I was finished, they huffed and left. Once they were gone I looked over at Kurt to make sure he was okay.

“Oh My God Kurt, what the hell happened? Are you okay? I'm so sorry I didn't get here in time to stop this from happening.”

I look up at Kurt who was not responding. He looked like he was about to cry. I quickly pull Kurt into my arms and he starts to cry. He's mumbling how this isn't fair and he just wishes they would stop. I hold him tighter than before and whisper, “it's going to be okay Kurt. I promise. It's going to be okay.”

When Kurt is finally calm we had on inside to the girls restroom. We spend like 30 mins making sure the slush was gone and Kurt was perfect again.

We decided not to go to first period because it was almost done anyway. So we spent the time talking about the future. He tells all about going to New York and what it's going to be like. I share my idea in going to New York too to make clothes over bros bigger and to go to school. We agree to go together.

Once the bell rings Kurt heads off to his second period. I head off to my, which is Spanish.

When getting to my class I see a few seats taken. So I look around for a open seat. When I finally see one so I walk on over to see Finn's backpack on the seat. I nicely tap his shoulder and say, “hey Finn, this seat taken?”

He looks up at me then to the seat. He grabs his bag and pulls the chair out. I take that as a okay so I sit and put my bag down.

“Wow what a gentlemen. Do you always pull out a ladies chair for them?” I teased.

He laughs and says, “I only do it for the special woman.”

“So I'm special, huh?”

“Yeah I guess you are.” He smiles at me. I smile back. We stare at each other for what seems like forever till finally he looks away. I try not not to be to disappointed.

When turning back to face the front, I see a girl in a animal sweater glaring at me. I quickly turn away from her, still feeling her glare. I shift uncomfortably in my seat when the teacher Mr. Schue comes in and starts class.

Whoever that girl was she sure as hell hated me.
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