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Chapter 6 I'm Not The Only One

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Brooke meets Finn in the middle of the night. They talk. Finn tells her about Puck, Rachel, Quinn and him. And Brooke tells him about Lucas, Peyton and her. They grow a small bond.

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Chapter 6 I'm Not The Only One

After sharing my life story and crying in Kurt's arms. We put on some music, sang and danced around till we got tired. We then watched some movies. Some were a little too emotional but, I continued watching anyway.

About a hour later Kurt was passed out. Me on the other hand was still wide awake, so I decided I would go upstairs to get some water. I quietly get out of the bed without waking Kurt. Once out of the bed I head up the stairs.

When I get upstairs I head towards the kitchen. I grab a cup and start getting some water. While the sink is going I feel someone eyeing me. I quickly turn around with my cup in my hand and without meaning to I spill whatever water that was in the cup on the figure now in front of me.

Once the water hits the figure he mumbles something to quietly for me to hear, turns around and turns on the lights. Now being able to see, I now realize the man in front me. And how wet his hair and shirt are. I quickly find paper towels and start to dab his shirt. I then start speaking very fast to him.

“Oh My Gosh. I am so so so sorry. I didn't mean to pour the water on you. It was a accident. I'm sorry so sorry.”

He looks at me like I'm crazy. Then he smiles. “It's all right. Really it's okay. It's just a shirt, it will dry. Trust me you do not need to work up over water spilling on my shirt.”

I re-think what he just said and what I am doing then I start to laugh. I was laughing about how stupid I was being.

“Hi sorry again for the water and the shirt. I'm Brooke.”

“Again it's fine. Also I'm Finn.”

“Well Finn, what's go you up this late at night?”

“I could be asking the same thing to you.”

“Right. Okay how about this, I share what's got me up tonight and you can share if you like. Deal?”


“Okay well. Tonight with Kurt I talked about my cheating ex-boyfriend and my ex of a skank best friend. After talking about everything it felt like a weight has left my shoulders but, I still feel the pain. The ace in my heart. The sadness. The anger.”

For a moment it's quite. Then finally Finn speaks up.

“I know what you mean.”

“Really? You know how it feels to have your heart ripped out of your chest twice. To be someone's second choice. To be made a fool of in front of everyone.”

“Actually I do. Both my girlfriends cheated on me with my best friend. Both ripped my heart out. Been made a fool of twice by the both of them. So yes, I do know how it feels.”

Once he's done talking I realize what a bitch I was being. This man in front of me has basically been through the same things as me and here I am saying I'm the only one who's been hurt. He's been hurt by not 1 but 2 girls and his best friend, yeah I really need to shut up.

“Finn hey, I'm really sorry for being a bitch. I had no right to judge.”

“It's alright. By the way sorry about your dick of an ex-boyfriend and bitch of an bestfriend.”

I laugh and say, “It's okay. Also sorry about your idiot of an bestfriend and your horrible ex-girlfriends. No guy deserves to be hurt twice.”

“No girl deserves to be hurt twice ether.”

I smile at him. He smiles back.

When I see he has looked away I grab my cup get some water and turned to face him again.

“Thanks for the chat.”

“Thanks for spilling water on me.” He says while laughing. I laugh along.

“No problem. Night Finn.”

“Night Brooke.”

With that I head back down stairs into bed. Who knows what could come from the chat between Finn and I.
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