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Chapter 5 Long Nights, Secrets Unleashed

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Kurt and Brooke's friendship grows. Brooke goes to Kurt's house for a sleepover. Brooke tells Kurt why she left Tree Hill. Brookes sad again.

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Chapter 5 Long Nights, Secrets Unleashed

Ever since I met Kurt in Biology I couldn’t be happier. I found out he is as crazy about fashion as I am. We spent the whole rest of the week talking about our favorite designers and our plans for the weekend. I told Kurt I had nothing planned so he invited me over to stay the night.

Time jump. Home

Finally schools over, weekends here and I can gladly get my things to head over to Kurt's.

I start to pack the basics. Toothbrush, pjs, slippers, hair brush, makeup, movies, and extra clothes for tomorrow. Once I'm packed I start to head over to Kurt's.

When I get to the address he sent me, I get my things and head to the door. I knock. Right when I started pulling my hand back, someone already had the door open.

“Hi I'm Brooke. I'm here for Kurt.”

“I'm Burt. Kurt's father. Come on in, Kurts downstairs.”

“Thanks Burt.”

With that I had on in down the stairs. When going down the stairs I see Kurt messing around in his closet. I come up with idea to scare him. I quickly and quietly sneak up behind Kurt and shout boo. He jumps, screams and puts a hand to his heart to calm down. While doing that, you fall on the bed laughing. Once calm Kurt gives you a stern lecture about scaring him.

Time jump. Telling stories and secrets.

“Yes Kurt. I was my school's bitch, slut, popular girl. But let's not forget you're your school's most talented, fashionable, loner.”

“I'm not the most talented.”

“You're more talented than that Rachel whats her face.”

“Rachel Berry. And thank you. Now on a most serious note, if you don't mind me asking why you come here?”

“I came here to get away.”

“Away from what?”

“Away from having to see my boyfriend and my best friend having sex together again.”


“Yeah. It's a long story.”

“Mind telling me. Probably make it easier telling someone.”

“Okay, where do I start?” Brooke shifts uncomfortably on the bed. Clears her throat. “Um, in the beginning my best friend was dating a guy named Nathan Scott. The school's most popular basketball player. Later on Nathan's half brother Lucas started to become more noticeable. Which made Peyton like him. Nathan started hanging out with tutor girl and later broke up with Peyton. I started to like Lucas, knowing Peyton liked him too. Before going after Lucas I made sure it was okay with Peyton. Which it was so I went after him. We started hanging out, then dating. Started caring and falling for him more and more."

"Than later Peyton's Dad goes missing and she has to go find out if he's dead. So Lucas and her went to find. While I stayed back to wait for any calls. While they were away they almost had sex. After that trip and hook up they started to going at more behind my back. Than Lucas gets hit by a car, breaks up with me. And then I find out basically our entire relationship was him cheating on me. I ignored as much as I could, but I later forgave them. A year later Lucas and I got together again. We were better than before. We were closer. In love. Then a few weeks ago I caught him in bed with Peyton. So now you see that's my story of why I left. Long I know.”

To Brooke talking about it did make it easier, but it also brought back the pain and anger and ache in her heart. Brooke slightly cried while Kurt hugged her tightly.
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