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Chapter 4 New School, New Friendships

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Brooke starts school in Ohio. Brooke gets used to the fact she lives with Puck. Brooke makes a new friend.

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Chapter 4 School and Clubs

Today I start my first day at Mckinley High. I’m kinda scared. I’ve never been the new kid before, but I kinda like the change, it’s different.

Quickly I shower and get dressed. Today I'm wearing a light blue shirt, blue jeans with my brown jacket.

Once dressed, Brooke heads out the door. Once downstairs she notices Puck is not here. So she heads towards the kitchen to make coffee. Once the coffee is made she pours some in a cup and starts to drink. After few minutes Puck comes running down the stairs.

“Morning Brooke.”

“Morning. Coffee?”

“Nah I'm good. You ready to go?”

“I’ve been ready.”

“All right. Let's head out.”

Brooke and Puck head out to the truck.

“Hey Puck?”


“Is there anything I should be aware of?”

“Be careful around the popular kids. If you get too close they'll throw a slushie at you. And I don't want them to ruin your jacket.”

“Okay. Thanks for the warning.”

With that they head off.

Time jump, School.

Puck starts to pull up to school and you can't help but look at all the kids. How separate they are. Way different than how things were back in Tree Hill.

Once Puck finishes finding a parking spot, you head out of the truck. You look around the parking lot taking a deep breath then start to walk. You start heading towards the doors. Before you head in you start to think if you could really do this. Really start over. Really forgot about what happened.

Before you can second guess you feel a arm go around you. You glance up to see it's Puck. If it was anyone else you would've pushed them off, but since it's Puck you're letting the arm stay.

Puck and you start to head inside. You look around to see everyone's eyes on you. Whispering and staring. All you could do was put a fake smile on your face and try to hurry past everyone.

Once you and Puck are finally in the clear you say your goodbyes and he heads for for his first class. When Puck is finally gone you look to see what your first class is. You see it's algebra, the world's WORST class ever.

Looking at the schedule you start looking for your class. You keep walking around, looking all over for your class. Finally for what feels like forever you find your class. You take a seat next to a girl who looks like she's eating her hair. You quickly move your seat far from her and wait for class to begin.

Time jump. After Algebra.

Bell rings and you practically jump out of your and out the door. Once out of the room and away from the hair chewing girl you look over schedule again. Seeing you have Biology next, you start heading to class.

Once in class you're greeted by the teacher.

“Hello I'm Miss. Tarri. Welcome to Biology. Take any seat you like.”

I look around towards the left, seeing popular, slutty, mean girls who are like I was back in Tree Hill. I start looking towards the right to see a bunch of guys who I believe to be on the football team eyeing me up and down. Not liking my choices I take one more around to see a boy in the back wearing from what it looks like to be a skirt. Thinking about it, I make my decision and head over.

“Hey, is this seat taken?” I ask nicely.

He looks up at me like I'm crazy and right when I believe he would say I can't sit he gives me an okay. I quickly take off my bag and sit. I look him over one last time and take my hand out.

“Hi. I'm Brooke Davis.”

He answers and takes my hand. “Kurt Hummel.”
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